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7 Things: Alabama political arrests, Gov. Ivey probably won’t do a debate, Florence mural shows Trump and dead kids, Putin gets a White House invite, and more …

1. An Alabama lawmaker, ex-GOP chief, and business executive have been arrested

— In what appears to be a never-ending stream of criminal charges against elected officials, new charges ensnare the three for allegedly engaging in a scheme to pass legislation to force Blue Cross and Blue Shield to cover treatment at a diabetes clinic.

— Another former lawmaker, former State Representative Micky Hammon has already been sentenced to three months in prison for felony mail fraud.

2. There probably won’t be a debate for Republican Gubernatorial candidates

— Gov. Kay Ivey has not agreed to take part in an April 18th debate event in Birmingham. The other candidates have all agreed to be there.

— Internal polling shows that Governor Kay Ivey is up above 50 percent with all of her rivals in the teens or below, if this is true, there will be no debates in this race.

3. Alabama mural depicts President Donald Trump and dead school children

— A mural has appeared on private property in Florence, Ala., and the city has no way to make the owner take it down. Attempts to contact the owner have been unsuccessful.

— The mural shows Trump holding a gun and throwing paper towels to murdered children and the mayor says it disgusting.

4. Teachers across the country are going on strike, free publicity will cause these to spread

— After a successful teachers’ strike in West Virginia , other states are now seeing the strikes cause school to be cancelled in Oklahoma and Kentucky.

— Teachers in Phoenix may be next; they are demanding a 20 percent pay raise after Oklahoma teachers got 16 percent.

5. Congressman Bradley Byrne believes Democrats are targeting the 2nd Amendment and Sen. Doug Jones is too

— After two weeks of different liberal entities calling for an end to the 2nd Amendment, followed by claims that no one is calling for its repeal, Byrne called out Sen. Jones and his fellow Democrats for not being honest about their intentions.

— Byrne believes Jones supports gun control, and said, “It is becoming the mainstream Democrat position.”

6. Mayor of Geenville, Ala., feels tariffs are going to hurt his city as China’s response tariffs go into effect

— Mayor Dexter McLendon said Trump’s tariffs on imported aluminum and steel would have consequences for Butler County’s economy, which relies on a Hyundai plant.

— Chinese tariffs that were announced in March have gone into effect, they target 128 products.

7. Fox News has shown their support for embattled host Laura Ingraham

— Their statement says, “We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts”, as the host takes what they say is a scheduled week off.

— As the media has an aneurysm over Sinclair Broadcasting’s odd “fake news” script, they have uniformly attempted to enforce a policy that no one can criticize the Parkland students, no matter what they say.

CORRECTION: The mayor of Florence said that the mural is “disgusting”, a previous version indicated he thought it was a accurate depiction of the debate happening in the country.

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