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7 Things: Media and their Democrats mourn the rescue of 4 hostages in Gaza; losers in Alabama Democrat Party concerned about the people stomping them; and more …

7. Being a fat and abnormal pageant winner makes you a victim to the media as they continue to pretend it is wonderful and that they are unable to understand the reaction. Even though that scenario in which this victory plays out ultimately victimizes other contestants in the pageant who miss out on scholarship opportunities and more. Sara Milliken, recently crowned National American Miss Alabama, is embracing positivity despite facing significant online backlash which is a common tactic to shield one from legitimate criticism.

6. Societal collapse moves one step forward and maybe it can’t come soon enough as a cancer charity was targeted for not referring to the cervix using the trans-friendly term “front hole.” The Canadian Cancer Society actually apologized for this and now faces backlash on social media from those who felt the change disrespected biological women BECAUSE it did. This controversy is part of a broader trend in healthcare, exemplified by similar incidents like Ovarian Cancer Action’s statement about ovarian cancer, which has stirred public debate over gender-inclusive language.

5. There are a lot of questions about whether or not Alabama A&M is owed $527 million by the state of Alabama. Saying, “it’s complicated,” will not be a satisfying solution because those involved said that a 2006 agreement addressed some of these concerns and this “is an amateuristic calculation.” Last year, around the same time that the government sent their letter, Alabama A&M wrote to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education to ask for $197 million in funding for infrastructure needs on campus, so expect some conversations on this matter in the future.

4. President Joe Biden’s executive order is far worse and less effective than most thought it was because an internal Border Patrol memo obtained by Fox News instructs agents in the San Diego sector to release single adults from all but six countries in the Eastern Hemisphere (Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan), classifying them as “hard” or “very hard” to remove. This directive came after President Biden’s recent executive order, which bans asylum for most illegal immigrants and was announced as a measure to bypass Republican obstruction and address the border crisis using presidential executive authority but was really just a transparent political ploy.

3. Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial Judge Juan Merchan informed prosecutors and Trump’s attorneys about a Facebook post claiming insight into jury deliberations that alleged that the jury was talking about the case outside of court. These allegations could throw a monkey wrench into the sentencing of former President Donald Trump, but there is plenty of speculation that the posts being made are baseless and just trolling but will undoubtedly be treated by some as factual.

2. No. 2 Alabama Democrat Tabitha Isner is “concerned about the future of the Republican Party” while her party continues to fail on every front in the state, socially and electorally, except where the federal government is redrawing congressional districts in their favor. Isner, who stands for nothing, says the “GOP has devolved into a ‘party of victimhood,'” exemplified by Trump, whom she described as a “crybaby” who never takes responsibility for his actions.

1. Pro-Hamas mobs show up to support Hamas after four hostages are saved from the homes of a journalist and doctor in Gaza, even CNN declared the hostages were “released.” The new whine is about “civilian” casualties, Vice President Kamala Harris “mourned” them,  even though it is well known Hamas hides among a supportive civilian population, the situation would be over if the hostages were released, and recent reports show the Hamas “authorities” can not be trusted.

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