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7 Things: Ivey, officials sworn in; Biden attacks enemies on MLK Day; and more …

7. Alabama basketball player arrested for murder says he is innocent

  • Alabama basketball was rocked by the arrest of Darius Miles for the death of a 23-year-old mother on the Tuscaloosa strip. Miles was seen leaving a police station in handcuffs crying and telling someone they love him. His lawyers say he claims he is innocent.
  • The victim’s mother has said her daughter was killed for not talking to Miles and has started a GoFundMe fundraiser for her granddaughter.

6. New York City has had enough of the illegal aliens they invited to their city

  • After years of declaring they would gladly welcome illegal immigrants in their city, New York’s leaders have finally asked the federal government to do something about the border. Mayor Eric Adams says there is “no room” in the city.
  • Adams had the temerity to say this while visiting El Paso, a city being decimated by the surge of illegals crashing the border. Sounding like a politician from the reddest of red states Adams declared, “now is the time for the national government to do its job.”

5. Biden’s issues are not new and they are not over

  • Not only is President Joe Biden a pathological liar, but he is also someone who has been mishandling classified documents for years. Arizona Republic executive editor Greg Burton wrote a piece this weekend where he was able to view classified documents that Biden and his team left out during an interview. Obviously, that case was a mistake, but the carelessness of President Biden’s actions in the past might shine a light on his current issues.
  • Additionally, the White House has declared it will not release the visitor logs of Biden’s (or Hunter Biden’s) Delaware beach house after multiple documents have been found in the various places inside. Biden’s son also claimed he was paying his father almost $50,000 in rent to stay there, which would be $600,000 a year on a $2 million property. Strangely, Biden tax returns have been removed from his website from this period.

4. Biden uses MLK Day to call for unity and attack people he disagrees with

  • After lying to people about attending a black church on Sunday, President Joe Biden spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day maligning his political enemies as fiscally demented while once again pretending he was involved in bringing down federal spending.
  • Gun owners were also attacked by Biden on MLK Day and he uncorked a ridiculous line about needing an F-15 to fight the federal government, “I love my right-wing friends who talk about the tree of liberty is water of the blood of patriots. If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s. You don’t need an AR-15.” This is something a delusional wannabe tyrant would say.

3. Freshman congressman gets important committee assignment

  • The connection between Alabama and the United States military is a very important one, U.S. Rep. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) has secured a seat on the House Armed Services Committee that oversees military operations and spending.
  • Strong was very happy to see this, “Alabama is home to many military equities, but the 5th District is especially proud to host Redstone Arsenal.” Fellow Alabama U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) was thrilled to see this, too, “Alabama’s 5th Congressional District is foundational to Alabama’s continued leadership in the defense of our nation. Rep. Strong will be a critical voice on our committee.”

2. Federal government agencies may stonewall Congress, media applauds

  • As the new Republican-led Congress prepares to start its investigations into President Joe Biden, his administration, and his family’s dealings, the Biden administration and the “Deep State” is ready to keep them from being able to do their oversight.
  • U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is ready for this fight, saying, “Republicans just want fair and equal treatment under the law.” Comically, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Ohio) tried to explain this to NBC News’ Chuck Todd and Todd declared that it is not a crime to make money off your last name.

1. Inauguration Day in Montgomery

  • Gov. Kay Ivey and Alabama’s statewide elected officials took the oath of office yesterday in Montgomery, as did Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth, Attorney General Steve Marshall, Auditor Andrew Sorrell, Treasurer Young Boozer, Secretary of State Wes Allen, and Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Rick Pate.
  • Gov. Ivey laid out her plans for the next few years: they include making education a top priority and giving parents more control over those issues and promised to create real improvements on that front. “We will build upon the foundation we have laid so that by the end of my term, Alabama will rank in the top 30 states for the first time in our history in reading and math.”

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