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7 Things: Illegal immigrants told not to come to U.S., another protest march is planned, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey questions Trump’s tariffs, and more …

1. Looks like the Trump plan on the border is paying off

— Maria Covernali who helps illegals enter the U.S. is now telling people that coming to America is a bad idea, “What I’m trying to do is like, telling them, telling the people, don’t go because they’re going to take away your kids,” she said.

— The AP calls this a “self-inflicted political crisis,” but even they explain these aren’t really asylum seekers, and that if “a person doesn’t arrive at an appropriate port of entry to claim asylum, the crossing is deemed illegal and prosecuted even if the person does not have a criminal history. With the adult detained and facing prosecution, any minors accompanying them are taken away.”

2. Fear not, the American media is ginning up the activists for another march

— Liberals love protesting and Americans love hating protesters. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was promoting a march to “Keep families together” (which no one opposes).

This crap started yesterday in New Orleans with Attorney General Jeff Sessions when people marched to the Trump Administration’s MVP’s speech chanting, “No Sessions, No KKK, no fascist USA.”

3. Gov. Kay Ivey sounds the alarm on tariffs and how it isn’t good for Alabama

— It’s rare to see a Republican in a red state make a statement against President Donald Trump or his policies, but Gov. Ivey joined Senators Richard Shelby and Doug Jones in opposing tariffs that will harm Alabama manufacturing.

— Ivey’s statement is pretty blunt, “I strongly oppose any efforts that may harm those companies that employ thousands of Alabamians and contribute billions to our economy.”

4. Alabama Senator Doug Jones continues to side with illegals over Alabamians

— Jones has tweeted an attack on Donald Trump and DHS Secretary Kristijen Nielsen, “Yes, and , you did. And you can end it with the stroke of a pen. Please do so. Please.”

— This follows Jones announcing that he is co-sponsoring California Senator Kamala Harris’ “Keep Immigrant Families Together Act“. His stance on the border wall and other immigration efforts remains out of step with Alabamians.

5. Support for the Mueller investigation continues to plummet, 45 percent think it should end

— A recent Monmouth poll found that Americans are far less likely to believe the Mueller probe should continue than they were in May of 2017.

— Support for the probe has dropped from 73 percent in May 2017 to 52 percent in June of 2018. Also, those wanting it to end has jumped from 24 percent to 45 percent.

6. President Trump says we are forming a Space Force

— Trump directed the Pentagon to establish a “Space Force” and correctly pointed out that “for too many years, our dreams of exploration and discovery were really squandered by politics and bureaucracy. And we knocked that out.”

— As with most things Trump proposes, Democrats have found a way to oppose it and members of Trump’s cabinet oppose it as well. Defense Secretary James Mattis ” has opposed this saying it was “premature” to do this “at a time I am trying to reduce overhead.”

7. Media continues to leave major facts out of their emotional campaign of photos/audio of young children crying on the border

— An audio recording obtained by ProPublica has children who were brought by their parents or others to the border illegally has been released, they are crying for their family, but their family has been detained for crossing the border outside of our asylum system.

— A photo of a crying toddler has been making the rounds and the photographer is the latest media darling who demands we do something. The fact that she was being smuggled in for $7,000 by someone other than her mother is rarely mentioned.

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