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7 Things: Good news for Trump ahead of debate with Biden; Sewell sides with DNC over ridiculous Alabama Democrats; and more …

7. NBC will use artificial intelligence to recreate legendary broadcaster Al Michaels’ voice for daily recaps of the Summer Olympics on their Peacock streaming app. Michaels was initially skeptical but ultimately supportive because he is being paid to test a process that will eventually be used to phase out actual humans.

6. In an effort to address some of the safety issues in the Montgomery, the Montgomery Public Schools will now require all students to use clear backpacks in the next school year. Mobile is getting on student safety, as well, with weapon detection systems being added to middle and high schools and an enforcement of the no cell phone policy.

5. Another Supreme Court leak on abortion, totally accidental for sure ahead of a presidential debate for an election where Democrats main talking points are abortion-related. The ruling was pulled quickly but Bloomberg Law grabbed it and the document suggests the court might allow Idaho emergency room doctors to perform abortions in certain situations, dismissing an Idaho officials’ appeal and reinstating a lower court’s ruling in favor of the Biden administration

The Supreme Court has now ruled that the Biden administration, and Trump’s administration if he wins, can censor by proxy if they want to demand social media sites take down content they don’t like. The administration argued that the now-previous order hampered its ability to counter false information, especially concerning public health and elections. Now all restrictions on the government are lifted until a plaintiff with standing challenges the matter.

The media and their Democrats are poorly responding to the idea that the open borders are leading to chaos and crime, with the New York Times suggesting the real problem with this story is Republicans using it to criticize President Joe Biden. The direct responses to Jocelyn Nungaray’s murder aren’t great either with U.S. Rep. Summer Lee (D-Texas) saying, “I don’t know who she is” and Judge Lina Hidalgoon sought to downplay the immigration status of the murderers because, “evil happens regardless of immigration status” before blaming former President Donald Trump.
2. National Democrats were called racists by the inept leadership of the Alabama Democratic Party because the national party ignored their delegates for the Democratic National Convention. But U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell refuted the claims that the DNC was discriminating against Alabama’s Black Democrats. Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Randy Kelley asserted that the appointed delegates do not represent the state’s predominantly Black Democratic voters but Rep. Sewell stated the delegate selection followed DNC rules and expressed pride in the diversity of the delegates, because Democrats really care about that.
1. Former President Donald Trump is walking into today’s debate with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, and some version of President Joe Biden with some wind at his back as pollsters and predictors are pointing to his numbers as a sign that he is clearly ahead. A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday shows former President Donald Trump leading President Joe Biden by four points nationally, with Trump at 49% and Biden at 45%, gaining a 10-point advantage with independents and polling expert Nate Silver currently gives Donald Trump a 66% chance of winning the presidential election and adding that the race is not a toss-up.
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