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7 Things: Gambling back on the agenda as legislators return from spring break; Supreme Court says Texas can’t stop invasion; and more …

7. Alabama U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) is defending his vote to ban TikTok by noting, “The problem is the Chinese Communist government and their access to all terabytes of information and spying on us citizens.” Supporters of TikTok are blaming “pro-Israel lobbying groups” for a congressional ban on the social media platform, which is odd seeing how the Chinese government itself has Muslim concentration camps.

6. There’s a big push to get Birmingham-Southern College its $30 million loan, after it was already denied, by State Sens. Jabo Waggoner (R-Vestavia Hills) and Roger Smitherman (D-Birmingham). The pair argue that a $30 million investment will bring a $2 billion return, factoring in the $91 million spending that the school brings to the local community and state, but this ignores that the school is currently broke and can’t get a legit loan.

5. A student was shot on the campus of Alabama A&M after a confrontation with an officer at a student housing complex on campus. The officer was doing a routine check of the building when shots were fired. The suspect was confronted by the officer inside a stairwell “multiple shots were exchanged” with the student being hit “multiple times.”

4. 11 total books were removed from a library in Trussville, a move that an absurd aldotcom called a “purge” but in reality 25 items were removed from the children’s section and placed in the adult or young adult section, a totally reasonable move. This comes after a weekend tantrum by the staff at the Autauga-Prattville library led to 5 people losing their jobs, which the hilariously fired director refers to as “politicized.”

3. During her confirmation process, now-Supreme Court Justice Katanji Brown Jackson could not answer a question about what a woman is, so it should come as no surprise that she is lost on the First Amendment too. During a debate on the Biden administration using Big Tech as a weapon to restrain speech, she argued the First Amendment is becoming too burdensome for the government and is “hamstringing” its ability to censor people, which is what it was meant to do.

2. The U.S. Supreme Court was busy yesterday and has now blocked the implementation of Texas’ aggressive immigration law, which would have allowed police officers to question the immigration status of people they detain. This decision halts the enforcement of a state-level immigration policy and leaves it to the federal government which has decided it is fine allowing illegals to swarm the border.

1. Fear not, legislators are back from their Cancun spring break rages and are ready to put gambling back on the table. The bill is priority for both chambers with a conference committee coming to crank out a new piece of legislation. So the question is about whether they come up with a compromise between a Senate bill that creates a lottery, gives the Poarch Band of Creek Indians an opportunity to do what they want while leaving the rest of the large gambling entities with new more-legal status and a House bill that would expand table games in those same locations and establish a lottery.

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