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7 Things: G7 meeting goes sideways, Alabama’s GOP softens on gambling, some Democrats downplay economic gains, and more …

1. Trump responds to Canadian leader’s denouncement with anger, American media pouts, and American consumer will pay

— The G7 summit ends with Trump telling the other nations “ultimate goal was eliminating all trade duties and subsidies”, they don’t like that, they want to be able to place them with no push-back.

John McCain and Democrats choose Canada over the U.S. in a trade war, Lindsey Graham sides with Trump.

2. The New York Times notes that gambling opposition has waned in Alabama, local papers do same story

— In the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports gambling, a door has opened that Alabama does not appear ready to walk through, and state Representative Rich Wingo dreads going back into session because of it.

— The Times says that Republican Party consultants have polls that show a lottery would overwhelmingly pass, and both candidates for governor, Kay Ivey and Walt Maddox, say the state should hold a vote.

3. Democrats cheer for pain and downplay gains for average Americans, must stop Trump

— On “Real Time with Bill Maher”, the comedian said he was “hoping” for a “crashing economy” and people getting hurt is just part of the cost of stopping Trump.

— Meanwhile, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi reacted to news that the unemployment rate is down by sarcastically saying, “Hip hip hooray, unemployment rate is down” and declaring that it doesn’t matter.

4. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall testifies in DC to try and stop illegals from being counted in census

— AG Marshall filed a lawsuit against this and laid how out Alabama stands to lose one of seven congressional seats and one electoral vote if this goes on as planned.

— Marshall told the House Judiciary subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Rights, that illegals shouldn’t be counted because, “Not only would this skewed result rob the state of Alabama and its legal residents of their rightful share of representation, but it plainly undermines the rule of law.”

5. Republicans are in favor of allowing teachers to be trained and carry weapons, but Democrats oppose

— 81 percent of Republicans are supportive of such a plan with 48 percent in the “strongly agree” camp; 58 percent of Democrats oppose it.

— Democrat candidate Walt Maddox continues to say it is “insane”, while Ivey remains less solid on her views saying “all options are on the table” after putting forth a plan that allowed administrators to have a gun on campus under certain circumstances.

6. Bad things happen to illegal aliens, especially when we start enforcing the law

— An illegal alien from Honduras killed himself and many are attaching it to the fact that they separated him from his family.

— A DACA-recipient with multiple arrests and a self-deportation was found dead in Mexico, but sloppy journalism leaves a lot of questions including why he was killed.

7. Trump and Kim Jong-un arrive in Singapore ahead of their summit

— The president has arrived in Singapore, after a chaotic G7 meeting, hoping he can feel out Kim and make a historic deal.

— Kim brings with him an extensive security force and a private food supply. He and Trump are currently staying within one mile of each other ahead of the summit later this week.

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