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7 Things: Figures-Dobson to face off in Alabama’s high-stakes congressional race; Trump trial day 2; and more …

7. Two failed, corrupt, inept Alabama governors continue their pathetic fight for murderers to get off of death row because of how they were sentenced. At issue is the practice of judicial override, where a judge can sentence a killer to death over the lesser suggestions of a jury, the law has changed on this matter and “The Love Gov” and “The Cockroach” probably won’t have much sway on this matter.

6. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) says he is NOT resigning over anger about bills being voted on in the House, including votes on warrantless spying and foreign aid. Alabama U.S. Reps. Dale Strong (R-Monrovia) and Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) have expressed their support for Johnson, with Strong saying, “@SpeakerJohnson represents a sea change in DC. Instead of handing us bills at the last minute, he listens, takes feedback & responds to @HouseGOP concerns.”

5. Democrats can not say when abortion should stop, the fact that this point is not regularly made by Republican politicians is odd but U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) got the Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra to embarrass himself on this issue. Britt said, “there’s seven states in this country and the District of Columbia that allow you to take the life of a child the moment before a child is born. So clearly you support a woman’s right to choose to do that,” and Becerra responded by calling the scenario “fiction” but Britt noted, “If it actually is fiction, then why not say no? That, that’s out of the realm of possibility, that no woman would think to be able to do that.” 

4. A conference committee on soon-to-fail gambling and lottery bills is finally ready to meet after the Alabama State Senate sends lottery and gambling bills and appoints its members to the committee. This is a complex situation, with advocates for all the worst these bills have to offer coming together to create a compromise that is going nowhere.

3. Six Southern Republican governors have joined together, including Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, to issue a warning to workers about the dangers of joining the United Auto Workers, citing potential job loss and threats to regional job recruitment opportunities. This rare statement comes on the eve of a crucial vote at a Volkswagen factory in Chattanooga, where there are signs of optimism among pro-union workers.

2. Day two of former President Donald Trump’s clearly politically motivated trial saw more jurors dismissed who could not put aside their biases and 7 jurors being chosen. There are 11 more jurors to go, but most of these jurors allegedly have little knowledge of this case and lying about that is perjury. But the trial is moving along in the high-stakes case where jury nullification might be Trump’s best hope.

1. Some Alabama voters went to the polls to choose their political party’s combatants in Alabama’s court-ordered, racially gerrymandered Second Congressional District, drawn to get a black Democratic member of Congress and a red-to-blue flip. The race is sure to draw a lot of money to the area with former Obama and Biden administration official Shomari Figures representing Democrats and real estate attorney Caroleene Dobson, coming from nowhere, to win the GOP nod.

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