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7 Things: Democrats put illegals first, Birmingham votes for new stadium, Former Justice Stevens says to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and more …

1. Democrats put illegal immigrants first again, raise concerns over a census question

— The Trump administration will be asking people their citizenship status in the next census, Democrats feel this will cost them Congressional seats.

— The fear or feature of the question, depending on who you ask, is that illegal immigrants will not fill out the surveys out of fear of the the government.

2. Birmingham goes big, finally seeks a major football stadium, will cost $90 million dollars

— The city council voted 6 to 3 to spend $90 million over 30 years to create a facility for UAB football games and hopefully other events.

— The Alabama Legislature paved the way last week by passing a bill that would raise car rental taxes to help pay for the venue.

3. Let’s be real, Democrats want to take guns away from all gun owners

— Former Supreme Court Justice lets the mask slip, admits that Democrats want to repeal the 2nd Amendment and polling backs that up.

— In response to all of this talk, the National Rifle Association is reporting increased donations.

4. Republican Rex Reynolds narrowly defeats Democrat Terry Jones to take late Jim Patterson’s seat in Madison County

— Reynold’s defeat of Jones was far closer than many expected, but turnout was low due to the nature of special elections, non-existent media coverage, and spring break being in place for much of the District.

— Reynolds was sworn in yesterday evening, but will not be able to cast votes in this legislative session, which could end today, until the results are certified, according to Secretary of State John Merrill.

5. President Donald Trump has a new plan to build a border wall, but he probably can’t

— Reportedly, Trump wants to pay for the border wall by diverting funds allocated to the military in the latest budget or increasing the fees to enter the country.

— The last budget did not allocate any funds for the new wall, they have only been appropriated to fix current fencing or build new fencing

6. A murderer will not be put to death again because Alabama botched his execution

— Convicted murderer Doyle Hamm will escape his final punishment after an agreement has been reached between the state and his attorney.

— After years of challenges to his death sentence, his execution did not go as planned, and ended with him allegedly sitting in a puddle of blood.

7. Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle picks up the endorsement of  former Auburn coach Tommy Tubberville

— In one of the first endorsements of the Governor’s race Tubberville told WANI, “You know, I’ve looked at this race, and I think we need something different for Montgomery. I think we need something different for the state of Alabama. I think Tommy Battle is a very, very good candidate for this state.”

— Tubberville initially flirted with the idea of running for Governor but nothing ever came of it.

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