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7 Things: DEI is big business at Alabama colleges for now; Alabama joins Texas in fight with feds; and more …

7. The Anti-Defamation League, which historically targeted anti-Semitism but has branched out into targeting conservatives in general, reportedly attempted to get government entities to investigate The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, Libs of Tik Tok, and conservative activist Christopher Rufo over their issues with LGBTQ-dogma being pushed on kids. Walsh correctly notes this move is a threat to free speech and “an explicit attempt to use state force to shut down opposing speech at gunpoint.”

6. A newly installed Safe Haven Baby Box at the Madison Fire Department has been used 12 days after being installed. A child was left there with no consequence to the mother who no longer wants her baby and it gives the child a chance at a better life. Kids to Love Founder and CEO Lee Marshall sees this as a great thing, “This mother made a difficult and courageous decision when she placed her child in Madison’s Safe Haven Baby Box. We are thankful it was there for her when she needed it.” (Unrelated: 5-year-olds do not fit in the box)

5. After reports that former President Donald Trump was meeting with unions to get their support the United Automobile Workers Union announced that they would endorse President Joe Biden instead. While this could help Biden in a swing state like Michigan, the UAW’s president referring to Trump as a “scab” ignores the fact that Trump has plenty of union support.

4. It is “School Choice Week” in the United States and Alabama and it is becoming increasingly clear that the woke, progressive, and morally bankrupt loudmouths in the country’s failing education system are fueling the spread of the movement. A new poll backs this up and shows that 67% of those polled support allowing parents to opt out of a curriculum that is “morally objectionable or inappropriate” and 58% want to reject mandates on using a student’s chosen pronouns, which is up 12 points since 2021.

3. The whining continues as the clock on the murderer Kenneth Eugene Smith’s execution is now running, the U.S. Supreme Court gave a big thumbs up to the nitrogen hypoxia method. But the search for a good argument against it, like “he’s innocent” remains elusive so any group that will whine is getting media coverage, from Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty to the Democrat Socialists of America, because no state has ever done such a thing, and some of the groups liken it to human experimentation, which is kind of true.

2.  Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas doesn’t seem ready to bow down to the federal government and continue to enforce the U.S. border using Texas National Guard troops and now Democrats want President Joe Biden to take over the Texas National Guard. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has thrown her support behind Texas in its fight with the federal government over border enforcement as other governors have, a very important fight, in the past she has sent the Alabama National Guard there.

1. Colleges and universities in Alabama are courting intervention by the Alabama Legislature by $16 million in spending million on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives across the state, states like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and others either forbid this nonsense or plan to. This is all setting up for a battle on this issue in the Legislature, with State Sen. Arthur Orr (R-Decatur) laying the groundwork with a request to disclose these programs, “It is important that we understand the role of these programs, ensure that they have measurable goals and objectives, and are not being duplicated throughout institutions.”

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