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7 Things: Biden takes first lead in polling since September; AL Superintendent worries about divisive concepts ban ending AP biology; and more …

7. U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) is slamming the Biden administration for its continued push of electric vehicles. Tuberville tweeted,  “The free market is REJECTING EV cars. So, what do these idiots do? Try to mandate more EV cars. These people have no idea what goes on in the real world.”

6. Republicans aren’t going to help Democrats win in the state’s Second Congressional District, so that is … wait for it … racism. aldotcom columnist Roy S. Johnson believes that black voters cannot be motivated to vote unless the thought of spending money on casinos and lotteries are on the ballot. This is the self-hating soft racism of low expectations at play and is pretty insulting.

5. Former President Donald Trump’s assets in New York could be seized if he is unable to come up with close to $500 million by Monday. Trump is seeking is asking appeals court to intervene but the deck seems to be stacked against he former president in the liberal state where a liberal attorney general seems ready to go after his assets right away.

4. In an accurate statement, sure to rile people up, Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond is noting that criminals prey on criminals and those being killed in the recent spate of homicides are engaged in “nefarious activities” and being killed by other criminals. He also slammed the silence from the community who knows who it is killing their neighbors.

3. Alabama teachers can’t teach AP biology without going afoul of a potential law banning the “discussion and instruction of sexual orientation and gender identity,” according to State Superintendent Eric Mackey. An attempt to add Space Camp to the bill failed but a ban on pride flags in schools was added to the proposal before it passed out of committee, (the U.S. House looks to ban them at embassies, as well).

2. As the media declares any probe into President Joe Biden inefficient and stalled, Biden’s crackhead son Hunter did not appear before the House Oversight Committee. But Tony Bobulinski, a Biden Crime Syndicate business partner, laid out the crimes President Joe Biden himself committed as the “Big Guy” much to the chagrin of Democrats and known genius and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

1. Former President Donald Trump has lost the lead in The Economist polling average of recent polls with President Joe Biden now leading 45% to 44% with Biden leading for the first time since September. But in swing states, Trump is still leading and is gaining support with Hispanics as Biden attempts to convince them Trump “despises” them.

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