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7 Things: Biden escapes justice; the Alabama economy is slowing; and more …

7. It turns out Bud Light paid transactivist Dylan Mulvaney $185,000 to completely destroy their brand and they lied about it to their audience claiming they only made him a special can as a “gift.” 

6. Murderer killed after 30-plus years on death row.

5. The state library board listened to a man in a dress and then decided not to end its membership with the American Library Association – they delayed the vote. The ALA has decided its focus is diversity, equity, and inclusion and has a goal to “apply a social justice framework” to everything, which is clearly out of step with Alabama.

4. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) continues to insult Alabama U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) and prepares to work with Democrats to overcome the former coach’s holds on promotions and appointment at the Pentagon, even though he says he agrees with his Tuberville’s intentions. The real question is “do they have the votes to get around Tuberville?” because the committee vote on this was split on party lines.

3. The Lede’s education reporter believes that the small amount of schools in Alabama that still paddle children is leading to low test scores, as if there are not major discipline problems across the state. Her own numbers show that paddling has gone down and test scores have gone down as well. This absurd notion is like saying rising sea temperatures are caused by a decrease in the number of pirates on said sea.

2. The Alabama economy is slowing, according to the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama. PARCA Executive Director Ryan Hankins said, “While the state has enjoyed record amounts of funding in recent years, more challenging days are in the future,” and added, “[l]awmakers will once again be faced with needs that outpace revenues.”

1. President Joe Biden will not be charged even though multiple classified documents from previous decades were found unsecured in multiple locations. Turns out someone is above the law, and that someone is Joe Biden. 

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