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7 Things: ‘Bama lawmaker believes women are ‘scared of guns,’ Trump sanctions Russia, UAB shooter identified, and more …

1. Alabama lawmaker’s terrible argument about guns and women get plenty of attention

— State Rep. Harry Shiver (R-Stockton) believes women should be protected, “are scared of guns”, and the best way to protect them is to not allow them to carry guns.

— In spite of this, the bill still passed out of committee and could get a floor vote this session, at least in the House.

2. President Donald Trump sanctions Russia over election meddling and other aggressive actions

— The sanctions were imposed on Russian organizations and individuals in retaliation for interference in the 2016 presidential election, cyber-attacks, and the latest nerve agent attack on British soil.

— This comes at the same time reports indicate Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is seeking records from the Trump family business.

3. UAB shooter identified, he was angry about being reprimanded and shot the person reprimanding him

— 63-year-old Nancy Swift was killed by Trevis Devon Coleman, in an incident that set off “active shooter” warnings on the Birmingham campus.

— Swift was reprimanding Coleman when he produced a handgun, killed Swift, shot another employee, and then killed himself.

4. Racial profiling bill, that would require the race of all people stopped during traffic stops 

— The bill would require officers to record the race of a person pulled over in a traffic stop,  submit the data to the state attorney general’s office, which could withhold funds from agencies that didn’t follow the law.

— The likelihood the AG withholds funds over this is almost nil, the problems this bill will create via intentionally misleading news reports will be numerous.

5. Stormy Daniels’ attorney implies she was “physically threatened” by someone, the media will spend all day on this

— Her attorney told the hosts of “Morning Joe”, “I think it will become apparent to people when they tune in to 60 minutes … the details related to the threat.”

— The attorney for the porn star went on to say the information will all be made clear on “60 Minutes” later this month.

6. Alabama’s football team will visit the White House after protests over the potential visit

— The Tide will roll in to Washington D.C. on April 10th to celebrate their overtime victory over Georgia, which the President attended.

— 73,000+ people signed a petition urging the the school not to make the trip because Donald Trump is President.

7. The legislature looks to end Daylight Savings Time

— The Alabama Senate approved a resolution Thursday to end Daylight Saving Time permanent or keep it permanent, either way it would stop you from having to change your clocks once a year.

— Sen. Marco Rubio has a bill in Congress that would do the same thing, there definitely seems to be a movement growing for this.

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