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7 Things: Alabamians held in Russia are headed home; Tuberville, Palmer speak out on border/election issues, and more …

7. 12-year-old arrested in Opelika for making threats against school

  • In Opelika, a 12-year-old was arrested for making threats against Opelika Middle School, but the threats have not been made public. Due to the threats, the middle school had to be evacuated and cleared by bomb-sniffing dogs.
  • The identity of the child has not been released and the investigation is ongoing. The 12-year-old is being charged with two counts of making terroristic threats.

6. Russia is mobilizing and people are fleeing the country

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a partial mobilization of the military to continue their invasion of Ukraine. After the announcement, many plane tickets leaving from Moscow sold out, with the highest demand being flights to Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, and Armenia.
  • Russians who will be mobilized in Putin’s latest move are those with previous military experience. As people attempt to flee the country, options are becoming more limited as many countries are no longer allowing Russians entry.

5. This … this is where they get Trump?

  • Former President Donald Trump is being sued by New York, as that state attorney general’s office has announced the lawsuit, which also includes some business associates, family members, and the Trump Organization on fraud allegations.
  • Attorney General Letitia James has said, “Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization repeatedly and persistently manipulated the value of assets to induce banks to lend money to the Trump Organization on more favorable terms than would otherwise have been available to the company to pay lower taxes, to satisfy continuing loan agreements and to induce insurance companies to provide insurance coverage for higher limits and lower premiums.”

4. Vanderbilt’s transgender health clinic should be investigated

  • Allegations about Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s health clinic have emerged related to the clinic performing procedures and giving gender-transitioning medications to minor patients. Gov. Bill Lee has already responded to the allegations, saying they raise “serious moral, ethical and legal concerns.”
  • Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office has said they are “aware of the allegations of illegal conduct at the Clinic for Transgender Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has released some of the allegations on Twitter, saying that the clinic “drugs, chemically castrates, and performs double mastectomies on minors.”

3. Border issues are getting Americans killed

  • U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) has recently discussed the crisis at the southern border and his thoughts on why Democrats are reluctant to deal with the issue. This comes after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have both been dismissive over the issue.
  • Palmer stated Democrats “want an open border,” and later added he believes “this is a major national security threat.” Palmer also focused on drugs that are coming across the border, including fentanyl. Palmer said, “We’ve gone from war on drugs to war with drugs … that is one of the biggest issues on why we should have a wall and have a secure border because, literally, Americans are dying.”

2. Don’t keep Democrats in power if you want anything fixed

  • U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) has discussed his thoughts on the midterms and explained why he doesn’t think Democrats should win or remain in power, saying that “We’re in trouble” if Democrats keep power.
  • Tuberville went on to say that Democrats could fix immigration issues “in five minutes, but they don’t want to … They’re worried about getting re-elected and getting more voters across the line,” and “the Democrats just totally destroying the economy, a crime wave, everything going on.”

1. Alabama men captured in Ukraine will be released

  • The two men from Alabama who were captured by Russia after fighting in Ukraine have been released. The release of Andy Huynh and Alexander Drueke was announced by U.S. Reps. Terri Sewell (D-Birmingham) and Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville).
  • Aderholt said his “office is working to get more information from the Department of State about the health of these men and how soon they will be brought home to their families in the U.S.”

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