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7 Things: Alabama’s war on woke continues; Texas battling courts over illegal immigration; and more …

7. Alabama lawmakers have passed new restrictions on absentee voting assistance, tightening regulations around voting procedures. The media and their Democrats are very upset about this.

6. Lawyers for the parents who want to transgender their minors are in big trouble because a judicial review panel has discovered that 11 lawyers contesting Alabama’s transgender care ban for minors have engaged in judge shopping. This all but proves that the lawyers knew that legally their cases were weak and now the lawyers could be punished.

5. Lot of election results, but President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are looking for Ws, as they head to a showdown, with the biggest race probably being a battle for the Ohio Republican U.S. Senate nomination where a Trump-endorsed candidate won despite a potential scandal brewing. Meanwhile, a bloodbath in Florida for Democrats because Florida Democrats wanted to avoid an embarrassment for President Biden and it cost them.

4. A bill that has been attacked by pornographers and creeps in Alabama would require porn sites to verify the age of users originating in Alabama, a similar law is being used in Texas. The media and their Democrats will always find new ways to defend degeneracy, in this case it is porn for minors, in order to allegedly “protect Alabama’s reputation.”

3. Attorney General Steve Marshall supports former President Donald Trump’s attempt to dismiss the charges related to the 2020 election, “If this prosecution is designed to silence or imprison the sitting President’s political opponent right before the election, it is an abuse of the justice system that the Supreme Court should take seriously?” Marshall is one of 18 attorneys general to argue the case against Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith is partisan in nature.

2. One day after the Supreme Court said Texas could not enforce its immigration law, the Supreme Court said Texas can go after illegal immigrants in their midst, AND NOW an appellate court ruled that Texas can NOT go after illegal immigrants, Texas can not arrest, and deport them even if Mexico says they won’t take them back. Alabama needs to follow suit but the media and their Democrats are very upset about this.

1. The Alabama Legislature continues its war on woke Alabama lawmakers have passed a bill that is a big blow at wokeness and degeneracy up and down the Alabama’s education system with new legislation prohibiting state funding for DEI efforts and limiting the teaching of divisive concepts. The media and their Democrats are very upset about this.

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