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7 Things: Alabama sues over illegals, Trump thinks N. Korean summit may not happen, Ainsworth has strong words for Gov. Ivey, and more

1. Alabama’s Attorney General and Congressman Mo Brooks sue the federal government to stop the counting of illegals in the next census

— Democrats demand illegals continue to come into the country; they continue to want them counted for federal dollars and representation allocation.

— AG Marshall and Brooks believe that Alabama will lose a Congressional seat of the allocation if they are counted this way. They argue that statutes “require a census enumeration of the total of legally present resident population” instead of all people present.

2. President Trump says the summit with Kim Jung-un might not happen

— The summit is scheduled for next month but tensions between the South Koreans and North Koreans have bubbled up recently.

— Trump said there is a “substantial chance” the summit does not go down as scheduled; North Korean negotiators did not show for a planning trip two weeks ago.

3. State Representative and candidate for Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth says Gov. Kay Ivey will have “blood on her hands

— Ainsworth has called on Gov. Ivey to call a special session now that her special committee on school safety has been completed.

— Speaking on the radio Tuesday morning Ainsworth said, “I want to be real clear on this, if the Legislature and specifically Governor Kay Ivey does not do anything before school starts back in the fall and there ends up being an incident or accident, the blood is on her hands.”

4. Vicious murderer could be paroled today, but Governor and Attorney General oppose

— Judith Ann Neelley and her husband chained 13-year-old Lisa Ann Millican to a bed, raped, beat her, injected drain cleaner into her, shot the girl in the back and tossed her body over a ledge, but Gov. Fob James commuted her death sentence, setting her up for a parole hearing today.

—Alabama’s Governor and AG have both have spoken out against the option of paroling Neelley; Marshall said she, “is not someone who needs to be out.”

5. Blue wave continues to wane, could be breaking at just the right time

— For the first time since the Reuters poll was taken, Republicans are leading Democrats when asked, “Thinking about the elections in 2018, if the election for U.S. Congress were held today, would you vote for the Democratic candidate or the Republican candidate in your district where you live?”

— 67 percent of Americans also view the job market for a quality job as “good”, which is the highest percentage since 2001.

6. Alabama school can’t punish kids for chanting racial slurs, but the NAACP wants them to

— Five white males are seen in a 32-second video chanting and spelling the n-word, and saying “To hell with the NAACP.”

— The Phenix City Schools superintendent says there is no connection to local area schools so there is nothing they can do.

7. School shooter’s father declares, “My son, to me, is not a criminal, he’s a victim

— Antonios Pagourtzis believes his son was the victim of bullying, saying “Something must have happened now, this last week.”

— He also appeared to put some of the blame on himself saying, “The kid didn’t own guns, I owned guns.” There are plenty of people who want to hold him accountable.