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7 Things: Ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun, Pelosi limps away, and more …

7. BP settlement money to go to restoration projects

  • Gov. Kay Ivey announced that the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has approved five projects that will cost more than $48 million as part of a 10-year restoration project paid for with 2010 Deepwater Horizon settlement money.
  • These projects are the final funding obligations from the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund for projects in the state, which now totals $356 million over the life of the projects.NFWF Executive Director CEO Jeff Trandahl said, “Today’s announcement represents the culmination of historic conservation investments in Alabama following the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.”

6. College campuses are really racist places, apparently

  • Students at Talladega College in Alabama claim a “vicious and vile” racist photo forced them out of their conference volleyball tourney and banquet. There is no word on who sent the photo or what the photo was but an accusation that they were subjected to racial abuse when a student transferred a “racially motivated picture.”
  • The students and school involved should be named and shamed but no players were disciplined or removed from the tournament. The Southern States Athletic Conference said in a statement, “The SSAC will not condone this type of behavior. We are very supportive of all of our student-athletes, coaches and staff from our 11 institutions. We sincerely regret that this occurrence happened.”

5. Media and others mourning murderer-for-hire, court gives him short reprieve

  • A man who was paid by a pastor to murder his wife is the latest case for leniency, mercy and moralizing from people who offer no mercy to their fellow Americans if they have the wrong politics. Kenneth Eugene Smith should have been waxed by the state of Alabama last night, he was instead given a delay because of totally unfounded concerns about how the method used to put him to death will harm him.
  • This truly bothered Pulitizer Prize-winning “journalists” who called the legal execution of a convicted murderer, a “moral blunder” because the judge who sentenced him didn’t listen to a jury recommendation of life in prison. A former ALEA communications director, who was overpaid to communicate for a living, attempted to use the Biblical premise of “Thou Shalt Not Kill” to defend a murderer, while not knowing that the Bible pretty clearly supports death sentences and “kill” actually means “murder.” Kenneth Eugene Smith IS a convicted murderer, he should be a corpse.

4. Biden begs Supreme Court to shoot down his unconstitutional plan on student loans

  • After losing multiple times in court while trying to defend the administration’s student loan giveaways, the Biden administration is now asking the Supreme Court to take up the case and give a final death blow to the program.
  • The previous ruling being appealed found, “important and significant challenges to the debt relief plan, they ultimately lacked legal standing to pursue the case.” This position was held by President Joe Biden himself and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at one point.

3. Death of Title 42 will lead to even more immigration

  • The flood of illegal immigrants, drugs and criminals crossing the border with Mexico is about to get a whole lot worse with the end of Title 42. A federal judge has ordered the Biden administration to stop the one thing they were doing that might have actually kept some people from invading the U.S. There were 204,000 arrests along the US southern border and over 78,400 expulsions under Title 42 in October, that will end.
  • While the Biden administration pretends it is upset about this program ending, they and their allies do not seem all that heartbroken. The American Civil Liberties Union loves this decision: “Title 42 was never about public health, and this ruling finally ends the charade of using Title 42 to bar desperate asylum seekers from even getting a hearing.”

2. Nancy Pelosi altruistically steps down

  • After losing the House of Representatives for the second time in her 474-year career, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has given up control of the chamber she leads. Now she claims she is stepping down to make way for new leaders. She will still be involved as a  “de-facto custodian of Democratic power,” whatever that means.
  • There is a less-than-zero percent chance Nancy Pelosi would have stepped down and cleared the way for U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jefferies (D-N.Y.) had they held the chamber. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was asked what he thought about this and he “clutched his chest” and pleaded for her to change his mind, “I told her when she called me and told me this and all that, I said, ‘Please change your mind. We need you here.’”

1. Republicans tell media they missed the story, the media attacks them for it

  • After years of investigations and targeting of Donald Trump, his businesses and his allies, the media and their Democrats are SHOCKED that Republicans would use their investigative power to investigate the president of the United States, his son and their dealings with Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian officials.
  • The amount of worry by the media is apparent when the media was presented with the facts that there are multiple crimes being investigated, including influence peddling involving Joe Biden, while he was serving as vice president, they still can’t be bothered to correctly cover the story. Instead, they whine about how they should be addressing inflation and other issues, which they didn’t think mattered during six years of Democrat investigations. There is also evidence the FBI and DOJ know of these issues and have done nothing.

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