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7 Things: A good guy with a gun stops a school shooting, Austin bombing suspect is dead, Mobile councilman wants to copy California on gun control, and more …

1. Good guy with a gun stops school shooting by killing shooter dead, some argue this shows we shouldn’t arm teachers

— A high school student attempted to kill a classmate only to be shot and killed by a school resource officer on the scene.

— In spite of the evidence that a trained adult with a gun can stop these events, a local newspaper in Maryland still believes the situation would have been “made far worse” by an armed teacher.

2. The serial bomber in Austin, Texas is now dead

— The still-unnamed 24-year old white man killed himself with an explosive device as authorities closed in after tips led them to believe he was a suspect.

— The bomber’s motives are still unknown but they believe he is responsible for all bombings in the Austin area, they do not know if he acted alone.

3. A Mobile city councilman has an idea on gun control, it would force owners to secure their guns

— Councilman C.J. Small brought up a California law that could lead to a $1000 dollar fine and six months in jail if a gun is left unsecured and if someone is killed it could be a $10,000 fine and 3 years in jail.

— In Alabama, municipalities like Mobile cannot enact such laws so Small is trying to talk to legislators to get it brought up.

4. A Huntsville City School Board member may be drunk on the job, another member wants her censured

— Member Elisa Ferrell wants fellow member Pam Hill censured for, among other things, eccentric behavior, and referenced multiple school board meetings where Hill behaved strangely.

— Ferrell says the censure is necessary because Hill’s actions could cost the district its accreditation, while Hill posted on Facebook that she has “received 5 pages of singled spaced accusations. Most, if not all, 100% FALSE”.

5. We need the women not suing the president to please stand up

— Tuesday was a busy day for Trump lawyers, one woman was allowed to sue the President for defamation, one filed a suit against a Trump ally to kill a non-disclosure agreement, and Stormy Daniels was revealed to have passed a lie-detector test years ago.

— The piling on of women targeting the president is not a surprise, Daniels’ lawyer says they have been contacted by multiple women about their non-disclosure deals.

6. Alabama has passed a bill allowing death row inmates to chose nitrogen gas as a method of death

— As executing criminals has become more complex and painful due to court challenges and drug makers refusing to supply drugs, states have sought out new methods.

— No human execution has ever been carried out with nitrogen gas, but when people die by it they have no idea what hit them.

7. Again, no one is firing the Special Prosecutor, but we still can’t stop talking about it

— Rep. Paul Ryan has made it clear that he has received “assurances” that Robert Mueller will not be fired.

— Because the word of the Speaker of the House isn’t sufficient, the White House released a statement as well, “In response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the Administration, the White House yet again confirms that the President is not considering or discussing the firing of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller”.

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