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7 Things: A flurry of false immigration stories, attack ads hit Alabama, North Korea meeting may happen in June, and more

1. Lying about immigration is becoming a full-time beat for the media

— There were a series of outrages over the weekend, none of which were true.

1,500 kids are not missing, Trump isn’t caging children, and Trump doesn’t have a prison bus with baby seats in it.

2. Attack ads out in GOP primaries District 7 State Senate Seat, Lt. Governor’s race, and the AG race see new ads

— Rep. Will Ainsworth is painting Public Service Commission Chairman Twinkle Cavanaugh as a career politician and office hopper, the same charge Sam Givhan is hitting Mary Scott Hunter with in Madison County.

— The AG race is a bit different, everyone is attacking Attorney General Marshall, while he appears to be sticking to his positive message and trying to power through it.

3. U.S./North Korea summit looks more and more likely as we enter the work week

— Trump’s team continues to negotiate, North and South Korea recently met, and the advance team is headed to Singapore to be ready for June 12th.

— The mainstream media seem invested in making it appear this hearing can’t take place by lying, and then declaring it not taking place a failure.

4. More talk about the Mueller probe, Trump calls it “meddling” when he probably means impacting

— Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani spent the weekend talking about undermining the Trump-Russia probe, telling Dana Bash of CNN that Mueller’s team is giving him all the info he needs to expose the investigation as a witch hunt.

— Interestingly, traitor Edward Snowden said he doesn’t believe Trump colluded with Russia for two reasons, one is that Putin would not want to engage Trump directly because he was too erratic and the other is because it is complicated and Trump “can’t even remember what he was going to say at the end of a sentence.”

5. Trump ropes in his accomplishments to a Memorial Day Tweet, outrage ensues

— He Tweeted, “Happy Memorial Day! Those who died for our great country would be very happy and proud at how well our country is doing today. Best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and Hispanics EVER (& women in 18years), rebuilding our Military and so much more. Nice!”

— While it is true, he has done a ton of great stuff, you gotta separate this stuff, he sent out 10 Tweets today and it could have easily been 11.

6. Starbucks’ racist employees will be slightly less racist this evening

— Thousands of stores will close today to undergo forced racial bias training after employees followed company policy in Philadelphia leading to the arrest of two black individuals.

— The training will cost Starbucks $12 million dollars, involve 180,000 employees, close 8,000 stores, and accomplish absolutely nothing.

7. Notorious liar tells another lie about NFL players sitting out games to protest injustices 

— New York Daily News columnist, and suspected white guy, Shaun King says multiple big money players are considering sitting out until Colin Kaepernick and the lesser known Eric Reid have NFL jobs.

— King claims the players are hoping that up to 25 percent of the league will not play in 2018 unless these two are given money and a job.