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Yellowhammer Radio: Win tickets to see ‘12 Strong’ with Yellowhammer/Xtreme Concepts team

Yellowhammer News had more than just a front row seat to see the filming of the newly released, powerful war drama “12 Strong” thanks to the team from Xtreme Concepts, Inc. a Birmingham based defense contractor who has previously worked as consultants and technical experts on such films as “American Sniper”.

Yellowhammer CEO BJ Ellis was able to travel to New Mexico with members of the Xtreme Concepts team to watch the film shoot and meet the actors. The film, starring Carlos Pena and Chris Hemsworth, tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after Sept. 11.

“It was an awesome experience,” says Ellis. “I’ve got a video that shows them setting off explosives, and it looks like the whole mountain is on fire.”

The movie depicts the Special Forces’ plan to get up a crucial mountain and create allies in the aftermath of 9/11. It is based on the book “Horse Soldiers,” and is an awe-inspiring tale of heroism.

Yellowhammer CEO Brian Ellis with actors Geoff Stults (left) and Fahim Fazli (right)

“What I could see of the guys’ sacrifices on the movie set wasn’t even comparable to what the guys in Afghanistan did, says Ellis. “It was mind-blowing to me to watch the actors riding horses up the mountain in New Mexico with explosives going off and people shooting at them – and it was all fake. This movie honors the people who did this for real.”

Ellis says seeing behind the scenes of a movie being created was amazing. He was able to attend the filming thanks to Xtreme Concepts CEO Landon Ash. When asked about what drew him to the movie, Ash said, “It was important for this story to be told to the people. In the early days of the Operation Enduring Freedom, this special group of operators found unique ways to take the fight to the Taliban in terrain that is unlike any other on earth. These soldiers represent the best of our military and show the drive and abilities of our troops to adapt to whatever situation they may find themselves in to ensure the success of their mission.”

“I’m a big military guy – not because I was in the military – but because I know their sacrifices let me and my family live the life that we live every day,” says Ellis.

The movie came out on Friday and is showing now at a dozen theaters in the Birmingham area.

“I am so grateful to have been on-scene when the movie was shot, and I can’t wait to see it in the theater,” says Ellis.

Win VIP tickets to a special showing of ’12 Strong’

Want to be there when the Yellowhammer and Xtreme Concept teams see the movie for the first time?

Five listeners will win 2 tickets each to a special screening of “12 Strong” today as well as an additional 5 listeners tomorrow at 2 PM. They will watch it with the Yellowhammer staff, team members from Xtreme Concepts and other special guests.

Listen to “The Ford Faction” on WDYE between 12 and 3 on Wednesday to learn how to win, and be sure to tune into the Man Hour, sponsored by Xtreme Concepts on Yellowhamer Radio, Fridays from 1-2.

Yellowhammer CEO Brian Ellis with actor Chris Hemsworth

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