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Yellowhammer presents: Living Life on Purpose with reporter Lauren Sisler

In this episode of Executive Lion’s Living Life On Purpose, Matt Wilson and Andrew Wells sit down with Lauren Britney Sisler, an ESPN broadcaster, SEC Network commentator, AL.com contributor, and survivor.

Lauren talks with us about her success in broadcasting and the interesting conversations she has been able to have, as well as how she had to overcome adversity with the loss of both of her parents in the same day due to overdose. Her goal is to turn her pain into purpose.


Three takeaways:

1) What the enemy means for harm can be used by God for good. Lauren had a choice to make when she lost her parents. She could hide the story and suffer alone, or she could use her struggles to help someone walk out of the shadows. She has chosen to shed light on addiction and those left behind in order to encourage and strengthen others.

2) Life does not always go according to our plan but we can still walk forward in truth and fulfill our purpose in spite of facing trials. Lauren could have shut down and given up after she experienced such an awful tragedy. Instead, she picked herself up and now she is doing the same for others facing similar issues.

3) Success is relative. You can have all the fame and fortune in the world but if you aren’t making a difference in people’s lives, it will be unfulfilling. Helping others gives you a sense of purpose that you can’t find if you are only focused on yourself.

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