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Yellowhammer News founder Cliff Sims authors book on his service in the Trump White House

Yellowhammer News founder Cliff Sims has authored a book chronicaling his time in the Trump White House, according to a report from Politico.

The Politico article indicates that Sims’ book will be different from others previously released by former administration officials.

While offering unique accounts of his interactions with prominent officials such as chief of staff John Kelly, counselor Kellyanne Conway and communications director Anthony Scaramucci, according to Politico, Sims book will also provide an honest assessment of his own role in the West Wing and his impact on the approach taken by Trump on numerous fronts.

Trump is known to have had an affinity for Sims and his abilities going all the way back to Sims’ reporting on some of Trump’s earliest travels on the campaign trail.

Politico cited two sources stating that Sims’ book is set for release in January.

After founding Yellowhammer News in early 2012, Sims enjoyed a nearly immediate ascent in the news and communications industry. He established Yellowhammer News as the go-to news source for influential political and business leaders in the state and then broadened the outlet’s reach with radio programming and a news network that can now be heard on 35 stations around Alabama.

Sims eventually joined Trump’s communications team in the months leading up to his defeat of Hillary Clinton. It was during this time that Sims became a trusted ally of the soon-to-be president being among those with daily access to him while working out of the Trump Tower headquarters.

Sims made the natural transition to the West Wing where his office was only a few steps from the Oval Office until his departure in May.