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Yaffee’s COVID adventure

So this past week it finally happened. I caught COVID. I don’t know which one for sure I caught, but my educated guess is it was indeed Omicron. I caught it while I was down in Florida for Christmas vacation and was the first one in my family group to catch it. I started feeling a little off Christmas Day but got hit hard by it that night. I had the works: fever, headache, congestion, fatigue, you name it. The first couple of days were rough, but I seem to be on the mend now.

If you didn’t know already, yes, I’m vaccinated. In my family group that I spent time with during the vacation, two of us were vaccinated and boosted, three of us were vaccinated and not boosted, one of us wasn’t boosted and had a previous infection, and one of us wasn’t vaccinated at all. The only two people who didn’t catch it or have any symptoms were the unvaccinated person and one boosted person. The virus wants whom it wants, apparently.

I already see some who caught it as well talking about testing being the key to slow the spread. Why are we still playing this game? You can throw that assumption out the window. While I don’t wish this on anyone, I also recognize reality. Looking at all the available data, this thing is going to spread. Testing, masks, Biden, Trump, Nick Saban, the Infinity Stones and vaccines aren’t preventing that reality.

The worst part of it beyond the actual illness is when I went to the doctor, I had to wait over four hours to get tested. I noticed most people there for tests weren’t sick. I overheard several people were getting tested because their employer made them or as a simple precaution. Just so you know, if you’re not sick and still going to get tested, you’re making actual sick people wait longer. People mainly went to the doctor when they were sick. It’s strange seeing the opposite now in waiting rooms.

I also thought it was weird that once I tested positive the doctor did nothing for me — didn’t even want to check me out to see how it was affecting me, didn’t offer any treatment advice. The doctor just wanted me to get out as soon as possible and go home. I’m going to miss the days when doctors actually checked on sick people I guess. That’s why I knew I had to share this experience with my listeners.

It never crossed my mind to blame anyone for me getting it, except maybe the Chinese Communist Party. I don’t blame Trump, Biden, DeSantis, or the unvaccinated. This variant was inevitable. I wish most people would come to grips with that fact.

The good news is Omicron seems to be milder than the previous strands. The bad news is a lot more people are going to catch it before it makes its way through the population. I’m doing better and hopefully will be back to 100% soon. I’m thankful that I have a job where I can work from home so I could tell you all about it.

Michael Yaffee hosts “The Yaffee Program” on WVNN in Hunstville, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.