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Wingin’ it! Super Bowl staple ‘cheepest’ in decade

Millions of people throughout the country will watch Super Bowl LVII on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs play the Philadelphia Eagles.

A huge amount of those people will take part in what has almost become a ritual and, in some ways, synonymous with the game itself.

Chicken wings have almost become the official food for any Super Bowl gathering or party.

If you are one of those people, you’re in luck. This year chicken wings will not only be available in larger quantities than they were in the past few years, but they will be available for a cheaper price. In fact, wings are at the lowest wholesale price in a decade.

Currently, the national average price for wings is approximately 90 cents per pound.

Dennis Brothers, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System associate professor, has studied how the commercial poultry industry has been affected by COVID.

“At-home demand for wings was high, and inventory was low, but prices have plummeted below prices in previous years,” he said. “This was the result of companies responding to a large demand and higher prices of chicken in 2022.”

He also helped to explain what caused the price change in wings.

“It has been caused by the process of supply and demand,” he said. “Every bird came with two wings, or four wing pieces: two ‘drumettes’ and two ‘flats.’ The exorbitant price for wings in 2021 had decreased the overall demand for them — specifically during 2022 — and resulted in a glut of wings in frozen inventory and a drastic drop in price.”

People can rest assured the prices aren’t going to jump, he said.

“I do not expect a price increase anywhere similar to what was seen in the last two years,” Brothers said.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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