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What Alabamians need to know about the latest activity on Goat Hill — May 17, 2021

MONTGOMERY — The Alabama Legislature on Monday will convene for the 30th and final day of its 2021 regular session.

After a week off, the House will gavel in at 10:00 a.m., with the Senate following an hour later.

Before both chambers adjourn sine die, they will need to finish several items of outstanding housekeeping, including executive amendments, conference committee reports and concurrences.

The House and the Senate will also consider some relatively hot-button bills that are awaiting a third reading (passage) in their respective second houses. There are 113 total bills in that position.

Gaming legislation is not expected to be on the House floor on Monday, although the lower chamber will take up a special order calendar with some other bills to especially watch.

That calendar, which can be viewed here, starts with SB 267 related to vaccine passports. The calendar also includes SB 210 related to civil asset forfeiture, SB 97 related to the powers of the state health officer, and SB 94 related to the Alabama Literacy Act, among others.

The House, followed by the Senate, will need to adopt the conference committee report on the General Fund budget bill.

Other bills that could ultimately be sent to the governor on Monday include HB 246 related to yoga in public schools, HB 285 related to curbside voting, and HB 473 to create the Commerce, Rural, Agribusiness, and Opportunity Zone Jobs Act.

You can view all bills that have become law during the session here. As of Sunday evening, that number stood at 246.

You can livestream the session’s final day of action here.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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