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We need to know the name of the medical providers that illegally accessed vaccination information to verify employees’ statuses

Finally… Joe Biden has a plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

It only took about nine months.

What took him so long to roll this out?

This plan will, reportedly, include more calls for vaccine mandates.

Military? Already there.

Civilian government employees? Yes, did this yesterday.

Hospitals? Most are already doing this.

School systems? Los Angeles will be the first to demand kids 12 and up get the vaccine, even as the risk to those children remains minimal.

Calls for more will follow. Teachers’ unions will demand it.

People are rightfully wary of government mandates and the government keeping track of our medical decisions, which is something that should be private.

But maybe they need to worry about private businesses poking around in our private medical information, especially when Biden and others want the private entities to push the mandates as well.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I have been vaccinated since early March. I work for a company with a mandate, and I had an antibody test done two weeks ago showing I have “reactive” antibodies.

Recently in Alabama, at least one “hospital” has reportedly been using their access to a state-run immunization registry called “ImmPRINT” to check their employees’ vaccination status.

Obviously, this is not what that program is for. ImmPRINT exists to keep people from getting multiple vaccines and other medical reasons, not for chasing down lying doctors and nurses.

So who did it? They won’t say.

Will they be punished? Nope.

They did, apparently, get a harsh note from the AG’a office that called on “responsible parties to cease and desist this unlawful activity.”

Cue that “Law & Order” theme. Those people learned their lesson.

This is unacceptable.

The Alabama Attorney General’s office made the following statement warning other medical providers to not do this: “Per Ala. Code §22-2-14, it is a crime to violate the rules or regulations of the Alabama State Board of Health. If the violation or failure or refusal to obey or comply with such rule or regulation is a continuing one, each day’s violation will constitute a separate offense.”

We should know the name of the company or companies that accessed this material and how often they did it.

We should know the name of the individuals that accessed this material and for what reason.

We should know what punishments these entities are going to suffer.

This should not go unpunished.

We are in the middle of a public health crisis and a crisis in confidence with America’s institutions.

Mistrust is everywhere when it comes to faith in medical professionals, the government, law enforcement, the media, “experts” and each other. This stuff makes it grow.

Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 5-9 AM weekdays on WVNN and on Talk 99.5 from 10 AM to noon.