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Veteran-owned brands Bison Union, Musket Powder Seasoning enter Alabama market

Alabama-based company Xtreme Concepts is partnering with The World Games 2022 to introduce two new brands to the Yellowhammer State, Bison Union Co. and Musket Power Seasoning.

Xtreme Concepts is the presenting sponsor for the event’s drone racing, which will be held at Birmingham’s Protective Stadium July 9-10. The company will be co-presenting sponsor for canopy racing at Barber’s Motorsports Park July 9-11.

Xtreme Concepts CEO Landon Ash expressed excitement over the opportunity to present the company’s brands at the international competition in Alabama’s Magic City.

“As a Birmingham native, it is important to me to find opportunities to give back to the community that has given so much to me,” stated Ash. “The World Games is the biggest opportunity of my lifetime for our city to be showcased on an international stage, hosting athletes and spectators from around the world who will leave our great state knowing Birmingham is the undisputed Capital of Southern Hospitality.”

Bison Union is presenting sponsor for martial arts events at Birmingham Southern College’s Bill Battle Coliseum/Boutwell Auditorium July 9-17 and co-presenting sponsor for canopy racing at Barber’s Motorsports Part July 9-11.

The Wyoming-based apparel and coffee company was founded by Special Forces Green Beret veteran Bert Kuntz.

“Bison Union is proud to be a sponsor of both the Martial Arts and Canopy Piloting world championships at The World Games 2022,” said Kuntz, “Our company’s mission is to make products for people who work hard for a living and love their country and the opportunity to support these amazing athletes who have trained hard and put in countless hours of their lives to become best in the world at their sport is an absolute honor.”

Archery events at Avondale Park July 8-15 will be presented by Musket Powder Seasoning, a seasoning developed to improve the flavor of wild game meat.

According to Liz Hemberg of Xtreme Concepts, the brands will be well received among Alabamians due to their shared sentiments of “American exceptionalism.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Bison Union and Musket Powder Seasoning to Alabama Patriots during the World Games,” said Hemberg. “These two great companies share the values of hard-working, God-fearing Alabamians who love their country. They offer quality products for folks who believe in American Exceptionalism.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL