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‘Unhinged’ environmentalist douses former Alabama lawmaker at coal ash hearing

A protester poured water on the head of a former Alabama lawmaker at an Environmental Protection Agency public hearing today on coal ash storage.

Environmentalist Anne DiPrizio, who called herself a “crazy, unhinged lady,” poured a cup of water on former State Rep. Kyle SouthSouth, the president and CEO of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce.who was seated at the meeting in Montgomery. DiPrizio then shouted obscenities and claims about the proposed site, the EPA and Alabama Power.



It’s being reported this is not the first time DiPrizio has been arrested for her actions. 

She defaced the Alabama State House by throwing paint in 2019. In 2018, DiPrizio was arrested by Hoover law enforcement for throwing Christmas ornaments at vehicles. 

In 2015, DiPrizio was arrested for attempting to marry a lesbian couple inside the Autauga County Probate Office and causing a similar blow-up.

South, who was seated in the back row, was calm during the incident.

“I think her actions diminish the efforts she was supposedly there to speak on behalf of,” he said to Yellowhammer News. “Wish we lived in a world where we could voice our disagreements without the theatrics.

“I understand it can be an emotional issue but I was in no way going to give her the additional attention she so desperately wanted by reacting.”

Grayson Everett is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @Grayson270

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