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U.S. Reps. Carl, Moore blast Biden budget proposal

U.S. Reps. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) and Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) this week decried President Joe Biden’s fiscal year 2023 budget proposal.

In the request was a plan to increase social spending while not ensuring that the defense portion of the budget will match the current rate of inflation, which means a very real but hidden pay cut to the resources that allow U.S. service members the best opportunity to defend the nation.

In a press release, Carl, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, said that Biden’s budget proposal allowed defense funding to “fall behind” due to rising inflation. He also vowed to work with U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks), ranking member of the Armed Services Committee, to properly fund and equip the nation’s men and women who serve.

“The world is less safe now than it was a year ago, and threats to the security of the United States are continuing to increase,” advised Carl. “Between Vladimir Putin’s global aggression and his invasion of Ukraine, China expanding its nuclear capabilities and having the largest army and navy in the world, and Iran continuing to promote terrorism in the Middle East, there are simply too many growing threats on the global stage for the United States to fall behind.”

“The United States – and the entire world – are safer and more secure when the United States is properly equipped to address these threats. Unfortunately, President Biden is allowing our defense funding to fall behind due to the record high inflation his terrible economic policies have caused. Just like last year, I will work with Congressman Mike Rogers and my Armed Services colleagues to ensure we are fully funding our armed forces and giving our men and women in uniform the tools and equipment they need to meet our nation’s defense needs.”

Moore took to social media to lament Democrats’ ambitious spending agenda. He also warned of increased inflation if spending continued on its current trajectory in a call to “get our country back on track.”

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