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U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks statement on Capitol bomb threat draws intense reaction

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) received fierce backlash, including from some prominent Democrats, over his statement regarding Thursday’s Capitol Hill bomb threat.

According to CNN, U.S. Capitol Police early Thursday morning responded to claims of a suspected explosive device near the Library of Congress, which led to the evacuation of congressional offices. Shortly thereafter, the FBI responded to the scene, where a suspect was later identified.

Authorities began negotiations with the suspect, 49-year-old Ray Roseberry, who live-streamed his standoff with law enforcement officials. Floyd turned himself in and was brought into custody. The outlet reports that Floyd made pro-Trump posts to his Facebook page, which has been taken down, and also shared videos expressing his frustration with President Joe Biden and Democrats.

The North Alabama congressman released a statement regarding the situation, which sparked enormous criticism from Democrats on social media.

Brooks stated in part, “Sadly, violence and threats of violence targeting America’s political institutions are far too common. Although this terrorist’s motivation is not yet publicly known, and generally speaking, I understand citizenry anger directed at dictatorial Socialism and its threat to liberty, freedom and the very fabric of American society.”

He concluded, “The way to stop Socialism’s march is for patriotic Americans to fight back in the 2022 and 2024 elections. I strongly encourage patriotic Americans to do exactly that more so than ever before. Bluntly stated, America’s future is at risk.”

Democrats have taken to social media in an attempt to allege that Brooks has taken a sympathetic position to those who seek to commit political violence as a form of combating the growing calls for socialism.

U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who has filed suit against Brooks claiming the Alabama congressman played a direct role in the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot, was one of many progressives to make such accusations.

“Tell us you stand with the terrorist without telling us you stand with the terrorist,” Swalwell’s tweet reads.

Joyce Alene, a University of Alabama law professor and MSNBC legal analyst claims Brooks is “giving encouragement” to domestic terrorists.

Justin Baragona, a contributing editor at The Daily Beast, a progressive media outlet, directly alleges that Brooks expressed “sympathy” with the suspect, whom the congressman explicitly states is a “terrorist.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL

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