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U.S. Rep. Carl: ‘I’ll go to my grave believing’ Fauci’s COVID guidance was ‘financially related’

For many, one of the more confounding aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic was National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases head Dr. Anthony Fauci’s shifting guidance on virus mitigation, which has apparently eroded the public’s trust to some degree.

Taking notice of that is U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile), who explained that with Fauci leading the way as the face of the pandemic response, it is causing distrust of other U.S. government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration.

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5’s “The Jeff Poor Show,” Carl called the lack of trust “scary.”

“We’ve gotten to where we don’t trust the FDA and the information coming out of the FDA,” he said. “I just had a conversation with a company that’s big into consulting health officials. That’s what they were telling me — the FDA and the rating were just horrible, and the reason for that — I’m going to blame Fauci. You know, he just kept changing things and instead of trying to explain that science does change — I mean, common sense tells you that, what you find out may change a little bit versus how you’re going to interpret it tomorrow — he was just constantly pushing at us to do it one way, and change it. We’re dealing with the repercussions of that. So, not trusting the FDA is scary.”

Later in the appearance, Carl was asked if he still believe Fauci’s motivations were driven by financial interests. Carl reiterated his previous concern and said such motivations were the “only thing that’s made sense.”

“No doubt in my mind,” Carl replied. “And we’ve tried every way in the world to get a peek at that. And that’s sealed up like so many things in Washington. There’s no doubt in my mind, and that’s the only thing that’s made sense to me — to say one thing one day, and say something totally opposite the next week. It’s got to be financially related. I still believe that, and I’ll go to my grave believing that.”

@Jeff_Poor is a graduate of Auburn University and the University of South Alabama, the editor of Breitbart TV, a columnist for Mobile’s Lagniappe Weekly, and host of Mobile’s “The Jeff Poor Show” from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. on FM Talk 106.5.