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Two litters of Capybara pups born at Montgomery Zoo

The Montgomery Zoo Animal Care team recently announced the birth of one female and six male Capybara pups.

In a release, the zoo announced the names of the fury additions.

Picking two culturally popular themes, zoo staff decided on using names from recent Disney film “Encanto” and the “Star Wars” series. The pups were born to two different mothers, Belle and Jasmine.

Belle’s litter are named Antonio, Bruno, Felix and Mirabel. Jasmine’s litter is named Han, Chewy and Luke. Both litters were born in the last week of July, the zoo advised.

The father, Capybara Ocho, is a first-time parent. He was recommended to the conservation for the species through the Capybara Species Survival Program (SSP).

The SSP is an animal conservation program created exclusively by the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to better manage animals in captivity. Ocho transferred from the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana.

According to the announcement, successful litters are not common among zoos. However, the Montgomery Zoo has had great success since housing this species, according to Animal Care Manager Andi Clason.

“The species can prove difficult to pair up into successful breeding groups, however we have been lucky to have continued success with the recommendations our girls have received from the SSP,” noted Clason.

The zoo’s release stated, “The Capybara pups are precocious and are already able to follow their moms, swim, run, and play very quickly after birth. The pups have been tagged with colorful stripes to make them easier to distinguish.”

Capybaras are the world’s largest rodents and are closely related to Guinea Pigs. Montgomery Zoo visitors are encouraged to swing by and see the little pups, which will be on display over the next year and half until they are old enough to transfer to other zoos to continue the SSP conservation program.

David Palmore is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News

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