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Tuberville: Rampant inflation under Biden ‘basically a tax on the poor’

U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) on Wednesday delivered remarks at a press conference regarding the rising prices of goods and the direct impact inflation is having on Alabamians under the presidency of President Joe Biden.

“I went through inflation back in the 1970s growing up,” Alabama’s junior senator began. “And it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

Tuberville noted that what we are starting to see now is reminiscent of that, with inflation rising quickly. In fact, inflation in April accelerated at its fastest pace in more than 12 years. Year-over-year, last month also saw a 49.6% increase for gasoline prices and 37.3% for fuel oil costs. Meanwhile, in just 2021 alone, lumber prices have risen 124% and copper has jumped nearly 36%.

In his remarks, Tuberville next explained that he recently experienced a one-dollar per gallon spike in gas prices at a local station in Auburn.

“The average person cannot afford that,” Tuberville decried. “This is basically a tax on the poor.”

“And I keep hearing from this administration, ‘We’re not going to raise taxes on the middle class or the people that don’t have money.’ Well folks, it is hitting us right between the eyes,” he continued. “And it’s a shame that we’re doing this to people that don’t deserve it — and at a tough time coming off of COVID when people are trying to get back to work.”

Tuberville subsequently warned, “It’s going to get worse. We’re just hitting the tip of what’s going to happen.”

The senator also reiterated that lower-income Americans cannot afford the significant price increases on groceries and other necessities caused by the Biden inflation.

Sean Ross is the editor of Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @sean_yhn

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