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Tuberville meets with Alabama pastors, talks need for community

Sen. Tommy Tuberville met with Alabama pastors in Washington this week to discuss the future of the country and in particular its youth.

“It was good to have them here yesterday,” Tuberville said in a press call Wednesday. “Most of them are from the Northern part of the state and they’re very concerned about the future of our country, the direction of our moral values, and the things that are being taught, especially in our schools.”

Tuberville (R-Auburn) emphasized the need for Alabama’s youth to take part in faith based activities.

“We are trying to get them more involved in our youth, and that’s what we were talking about,” he said. “We were talking about things like how to get our youth more involved in church activities.”

He also said that societal issues being experienced today can not be corrected through politics alone.

“It was a very good talk from people that are very interested in the future of this country,” Tuberville said. “And if we’re going to correct things it can’t happen on the political stage, it’s got to happen in the community stage where churches get involved, families get involved, schools get involved.

“It was great to see them and have them up here.”

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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