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Tuberville uncovers Labor nominee’s controversial memo

Sen. Tommy Tuberville revealed a memorandum Thursday that could pose a problem for Julie Su, President Biden’s nominee for Labor secretary. The discovery comes after Su refused to provide the memo as part of her Senate conformation process.

In the memo, Su, who at the time was the California State Labor Commissioner, told her staff not cooperate with officials from U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) if visited state Labor offices.

“We now have the proof that Julie Su actively thwarted federal law enforcement from doing its job,” Tuberville (R-Auburn) said. “That might be popular in left-wing California, but she is too radical for America. We can’t have a Labor secretary who puts the wants of illegal immigrants ahead of the needs of the American people.”

Tuberville said he asked Su directly about the 2017 memo and she denied having access to it.

A portion of Su’s memo gave instructions on how to hide illegal aliens from ICE.

“For example, under these protocols (as well as current practice), staff may of course escort or show a worker to any part of our office (including behind closed doors), for the purpose of allowing the worker to obtain information about labor laws, to participate in one of our proceedings, or to be interviewed by a Deputy or Attorney. These protocols also make clear that staff should not give certain information (as noted above) to an agent.”

She even went so far as to set up policies that warned illegal aliens if immigration officials were searching for them, Tuberville said.

In part 11 of the policy she instructed LWDA employees to inform “the worker who is the subject of the agent’s inquiry” that “a federal immigration agent has shown up looking for the worker.”

Su also required staff to help illegal aliens file retaliation claims against their employers instead of complying with US immigration laws.

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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