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‘The working man is getting slammed’: Alabamians sound off on Biden, inflation

During Friday’s airing of Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” network contributor Lawrence Jones spoke to Alabamians at iconic Homewood restaurant Demetri’s BBQ about their concerns regarding the ongoing inflation crisis.

When asked for his thoughts on the Biden administration blaming the rise in gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, Jim, a convenience store owner, noted that the spike in fuel prices occurred prior to the war.

“We had inflation and gas prices going up way before [Putin] invaded,” said the patron. “It’s hurt poor, working people and the middle class more than anybody, and we can change that… It was happening way before Putin invaded. He made it worse, but the basics have been government policies. Flooding the country with money and reducing supply caused prices to go up. And so, we need to change that.”

Another individual, named Frank, asserted that the Biden administration had been a “total train wreck for the working man.”

“I bought a new van two years ago. I filled it up every time I filled up. Here lately, last month or so, I can maybe put $50, $75 in,” he noted. “This administration is a total train wreck for the working man. Fuel, material, labor — it’s all hitting us hard.”

The farmer advised that under the Trump administration, his operation was performing so well that he “couldn’t keep up.”

“We are definitely not all in this together. The working man is getting slammed,” he continued. “You know, I’m seeing businesses going out right and left. We’re doing the best we can… We also run a farm. Fuel and feed prices on that are killing us also. Two years ago, we were killing it. We couldn’t keep up. We had labor, we had material, we had fuel, we had everybody wanting to work. Nobody wants to work now. It’s easier not to work than to work with this administration.”

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL