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The media hates that Mountain Brooks’ parents won, and they fear others are paying attention

People want to have a say in their children’s education, and the elites and the wanna-be elites hate that. They want you placated at home and leaving the child-rearing to the pros.

How else do you explain this avalanche of scolding from al(dot)com?

“Buy our thrice-weekly paper, guys!”

Apparently, the media giant was unable to find anyone with a differing opinion about Mountain Brook being so racist that it spawned one of these writers. But what can you expect from an outlet so out of touch with its potential customers that the only conservative voices it can pay to write for them would fit in better on a CNN panel than at a Mountain Brook school board meeting.

So, what did these terrible apparent racists in Mountain Brook do?

They won.

They addressed the school board and city council and demanded that the school system not engage in racial training associated with Critical Race Theory and the overarching premise of the American elite that America has, is and will always be a racist nation. Parents rejected the idea that all white Americans are oppressors and all non-white Americans are oppressed.

Nobody wants racism in their life, which is why when it is found it is punished and marginalized. What is happening here is indoctrination and, much to the chagrin of Alabama’s least influential people, parents do not want it in their schools or government.

No one wants their child to be told their nation is racist, their families are racist, they themselves are racist or that their race will keep them from succeeding.

This type of training and curriculum is happening across the state and across the country and school board members would be wise to listen to these parents when they say they do not want it in their schools.

Now, I think we all understand that is it amazing and telling that the media is scolding us rubes for not wanting this training that they have deemed necessary for our racist nation to reckon with our terrible past while also assuring us that it is not happening anywhere.

Parents don’t want this, which is the point of having elected officials to bring their issues to.

The media and their Democrats, and some educators, want parents to pay taxes and butt out.

The National Education Association wants stuff like this in the schools. They just have to play word games to make it happen.

That’s why al(dot)com is acting as if these parents are out of control monsters burning down stores and calling for violence. Oh wait, they support those actions, don’t they?

Alabama’s self-marginalized media outlets can complain about that all day, but they don’t really have a say anymore, and that’s why they are so impotently angry and calling their readership racist and stupid.

Dale Jackson is a contributing writer to Yellowhammer News and hosts a talk show from 7-11 AM weekdays on WVNN and on Talk 99.5 from 10AM to noon.

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