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Study: Huntsville International Airport has nation’s highest domestic travel fares

Huntsville International Airport is the most expensive for domestic flights across the United States, according to NetCredit.

In its 2022 US Flight Cost Index list, NetCredit analyzed data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to identify the average cost of a flight from major and regional airports offering a cheaper route. Comparing ticket prices against local salaries, the financial entity found which states had the most affordable short to medium flights.

While West Virginia had the highest cost to income, Huntsville had the highest average rates overall.

According to the NetCredit Report, “Huntsville International in Alabama is the most expensive airport from which to take a domestic US flight. Traffic through this airport tends to take the form of smaller, less efficient planes.”

“The city of Huntsville welcomes a lot of governmental travelers due to the dominance of aerospace and defense facilities in the area,” the report adds. “These fliers rarely pay for their own tickets – so airlines don’t feel the demand for price competition.”

The state with the most affordable travel was New Jersey. The second-lowest fares were found in Florida, with five of the 10 most affordable airports located in the sunshine state.

Florida was the most popular domestic destination during the COVID-19 lockdown as foreign vacations declined. According to NetCredit, as a tourist hotspot, Florida has more hub airports than any other state, ensuring strong inter-airline competition.