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State of Our Union? Broke, woke, and international joke

Tonight, President Biden will give his second State of the Union address to Congress, but let me save him the trouble: We’re broke, we’re woke, and internationally we’re a joke.

After trillions in COVID spending, the inflation-busting Inflation Reduction Act, and foreign aid with little oversight, we are now $31.4 trillion – with a ‘T” – in debt, much of it owned by China, our gravest geopolitical foe.

The Biden Department of Justice has considered infiltrating Parent Teacher Organizations to target concerned parents it sees as domestic terrorists, our military is teaching divisive ideologies splitting the ranks along racial lines, and – guard your luggage! – our federal government is prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion over performance.

We’ve gone from demanding our “allies” meet their NATO obligations – as we do, year after year – to the Biden International Apology Tour. We are funding a war defending the borders of Ukraine that Biden helped started by giving Vladimir Putin the required leverage over Europe when he approved the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

And we’ve surrendered our own border to migrants by the millions and the transnational criminal cartels with operational control of our border.

With so many national security threats, where do we begin?

Our debt and deficit might be the greatest danger. I would accuse our government of spending like drunken sailors, but that would be an insult to drunken sailors. Despite our record debt, Biden’s initial position on spending cuts and the debt ceiling is that he would not negotiate with Republicans!

I am hopeful he will come to the table and detail his thoughts tonight.

A woke-ified government is another serious threat. In filling the ranks of our government, Biden’s administration has prioritized pronouns over performance. Instead of hitting diversity quotas, we must tackle the great issues of our time by sending the best we have, regardless of background or other qualities unrelated to job performance.

The border crisis is an unmitigated disaster. We’ve had almost 5 million encounters at our border – the population of Alabama. After Biden’s reversal of President Trump’s policies, border patrol agents are more travel agent than law enforcement agent, forced to collect migrants, arrange temporary lodging, and shuffle them to their final destination in the interior of our nation.

Law enforcement is stretched so thin, they can’t operate border checkpoints, not to mention the vast sections of our border left open as a result. Criminal cartels have filled the void. The levels of illicit fentanyl pouring into our country have killed tens of thousands. Will Biden even acknowledge the border crisis? And will he act?

Democrats used the COVID pandemic for far too long to justify outrageous spending – hundreds of billions unrelated to the pandemic – and emergency measures increasing government power.

Under pressure from House Republicans, Biden has announced a drawdown of some pandemic emergencies, but not until May. What is his plan for ending these emergency measures across the board? And will he reverse the vaccine mandates that have robbed so many Americans of their livelihoods?

And speaking of the pandemic, why won’t Biden get tough with the nation that introduced COVID to the world? The best place to start is by being truthful with the American people about COVID-19’s origins, but that is not enough.

The Chinese Communist Party sees the American way of life as a threat to its very existence. That’s why House Republicans created a special committee to on our strategic competition with China.

The American people need answers, and in the absence of White House leadership, House Republicans are taking the lead. Without question, China has been emboldened by Biden’s disastrous withdrawal (that is a generous term) from Afghanistan, and eyes our ally Taiwan. A Chinese invasion in the South China Sea could upset global stability far beyond Southeast Asia.

But it is Western Europe that has peace-loving Americans most concerned. Our continued subsidization of Ukrainian war efforts has evolved into an American proxy war against Russia, volatile nuclear power? How does Biden see this war ending? And will he call for more accountability of American aid – now well over $100 billion of taxpayers’ money, with more coming – much of it reportedly going straight to Ukrainian oligarchs?

Perhaps the only person earning an easier buck than Ukrainian war profiteers is Hunter Biden’s art dealer.

The events leading to the Ukrainian war are even more infuriating because of Biden’s domestic energy policy. Killing the Keystone XL pipeline in the opening hours of his presidency looks increasingly foolish after he approved Russia’s pipeline to Europe. He continues increasing our reliance on Chinese solar panels and unreliable and underdeveloped renewables.

Days ago, from the driver seat of an electric Hummer that cost six figures, Biden encouraged Americans to buy electric vehicles to circumvent the gasoline prices he’s sent skyrocketing. Does he have any serious suggestions to ease working Americans’ pain?

I hope Biden concentrates on the most pressing issues for Americans, not pandering to this base. And a message of unity doesn’t mean much when there aren’t real policies behind it. The American people need solutions.

Things are bad, but I have hope. The new Republican Majority in the House has the responsibility to check Biden’s excesses through the power of the purse and our oversight authority. Just as importantly, we will continue to lay out our vision for Americans.

By the time November 2024 arrives, they’ll be more than ready to change the state of our union.

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