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Sports fans rejoice — The DrunkAubie Podcast is here!

The Yellowhammer Podcast Network is excited to announce its first series is now available.

Get inside the mind of Twitter’s most infamous inebriated mascot as @DrunkAubie discusses Auburn sports and much more.

Created in 2012, the Twitter account quickly grew in popularity through its trademark one-liners, live-tweeting during Auburn sporting events and interaction with players. Whether celebrating a win, commiserating over a loss or just calling out haters, @DrunkAubie has collected over 67,000 followers, including some of the university’s most notable players.

Now, @DrunkAubie takes you beyond the tweet with a new take on Auburn sports.

Episode one and two are already available, with episode three of the weekly podcast set to come out soon.

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and GooglePlay.