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SoulGrown Alabama launches website to show off the very best of our state

ALABAMA, USA — SoulGrown Alabama today announced the launch of soul-grown.com.

Until now, the popular lifestyle brand had been driven by its social media presence, especially on Instagram. Across the brand’s flagship and regional accounts, SoulGrown currently has more than 44,000 followers.

SoulGrown’s new website is expected to accelerate the already rapidly-growing, go-to source for Alabama-centric food and drink, travel, culture, living, and outdoors content.

With the mission of showcasing the very best of Alabama, SoulGrown’s website launches with an experienced team of content creators led by editor Julia Sayers Gokhale, the former editor-in-chief of Birmingham Magazine.

SoulGrown was founded by Ellis Terry out of a desire to show off the style and beauty found throughout his home state.

“Through our unique perspective on Southern culture, today SoulGrown shares the personality of Alabama with people across the world,” Terry said. “Today’s announcement is the latest in a line of strategic moves to expand SoulGrown’s reach so we can further highlight all our great state proudly has to offer in the 21st century. We continually strive to sharpen the high-quality, engaging content we offer while reaching an even wider audience; our new website will strengthen this mission.”

Businesses and other groups interested in partnering to enhance SoulGrown’s mission of showing off the best of Alabama can reach out online here.

SoulGrown’s social media handles can be accessed as follows:

SoulGrown Alabama, Instagram
SoulGrown Alabama, Facebook
SoulGrown Birmingham, Instagram
SoulGrown Tuscaloosa, Instagram
SoulGrown Montgomery, Instagram
SoulGrown Huntsville, Instagram
SoulGrown Mobile, Instagram
SoulGrown Auburn, Instagram

SoulGrown’s content is people-driven, just as Alabama is. Anyone seeking to become a content contributor (including photography) or wanting to submit story ideas should reach out here.

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