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Sessions warns about GOP presidential candidates ‘in cahoots’ with pro-amnesty globalists

Sen. Sessions speaks at Breitbart News's meet and greet event at CPAC
Sen. Sessions speaks at Breitbart News’s meet and greet event at CPAC

WASHINGTON — Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) told the Breitbart News Daily podcast Monday he was disappointed immigration and trade hadn’t been concentrated on in recent Republican presidential debates. Sessions has been a leading voice on immigration issues and voting to block legislation he thinks would be costing American workers fair wages and job opportunities.

During the interview Sessions warned the GOP that if they were to nominate a candidate who has been “in cahoots” with pro-amnesty globalists, it would harm American workers and the U.S. wouldn’t be able to undo the long-term damage.

“American people are entitled to and need to know where exactly where their candidates stand on immigration,” said Sessions.

Paul Singer, a billionaire hedge fund manager and powerbroker and proponent of open borders, recently expressed his support with financial contributions for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. This has led some to voice their concerns over the influence pro-amnesty contributors would have over candidate’s immigration policies.

In 2013, Rubio was the Republican face of the bi-partisan Senate “Gang of Eight,” which drafted a comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill.

Sessions went on to blame the owners of the media networks for pushing immigration and trade aside during the nationally televised debates. The Alabama Senator suspects that the executives of these networks are internationalists themselves who are in fact pro-amnesty and wish to see the borders open.

“I think their owners—their corporate gurus that dominate these networks and stations—are internationalists and globalists who have bought into this,” Sessions said.

In an August interview with Breitbart, Sessions claimed wages are down and percentages of Americans working are the lowest in decades.

Sessions went on to say that he hopes the GOP will think twice before supporting someone who isn’t keeping the American worker in mind when forming their immigration policies.

“Immigration and trade are issues that are critical to the average American working person. And if we don’t get this right, they’re going to be hammered,” Sessions said. “Our candidates are going to have to be forced to talk about it and the American people are going to have to know where they stand on trade and immigration before the election.”


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