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Saban turns it around on caller on ‘Hey Coach’

Every Thursday from Baumhower’s Victory Grill in Tuscaloosa, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban appears on the “Hey Coach” radio program to discuss review the previous game, preview the upcoming game, and talk Tide with callers and listeners. Hosted by Eli Gold, the show has presented some epic rants from Saban over the years.

The latest moment that has gone viral was yet another golden one. Peewee in Grand Bay, who is very often the first caller taken on the program, called in to discuss the Texas game with the coach.

But, instead of allowing Peewee to get his rant in, Saban flipped it around on Peewee and gave his thoughts directly in a hilarious turnaround that you can see right here:

“Well, Peewee, I’ve been wanting to talk to you all week, man,” Saban said. “We have to firm up the pocket. We’re setting too soft. We’re getting push back in the middle. Everybody thinks we can’t hold up against the blitz, but they are sacking us with one three-man rush. Only one sack came off a pressure.

“So, I wanted to ask you: ‘What the hell is going on?” 

Peewee mustered up the response: “I think you covered it all right there Coach.”

Saban’s daughter Kristen made some headlines this week when she posted a clip from another “Hey Coach” broadcast after an Alabama loss. The clip, which calls back to one of the angrier Saban rants ever, is Saban discussing how nobody wants to win worse than the players do, and “nobody feels worse than they do when they lose.”

Kirsten posted the clip with the caption “Getting tired of reminding y’all.”



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