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Saban throws some ‘shade’ with mini-rant on players’ cell phone use

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has never exactly struck anyone as the most tech savvy guy.

In fact, the legendary coach is notorious for being the opposite, infamously saying in April 2022 how he doesn’t even use email.

So, when Saban was asked Wednesday about preparing his team for the distraction of a solar eclipse Saturday during the Crimson Tide’s game with Arkansas, he turned around a mini-rant on his players’ use of their cell phones.

“I think you have to prepare your team for every distraction,” Saban said. “I actually think the best way to do that would be text it to them so they can read it on their phone because sometimes they don’t listen. But if you text it to them they’ll read it. So that might be a new technique that we try.

“We should text them what they’re supposed to do on the field, they’ll probably get it then.”

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