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Roby: Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future

Education is one of the most critical components of our society today. It is how we formulate opinions and perspectives, gain exposure to different ideas and cultures, and develop new skills. With the knowledge and understanding gained from a solid education, we are able to learn how to be successful in our careers, family lives, and personal lives. Education also stimulates the whole country, furthering economic growth and stability. With education, one is able to take in the world around them and turn it into something better.

This past week, January 26 through February 1, was National School Choice Week as declared by the President. Governor Kay Ivey also issued a proclamation pronouncing the same timeframe as Alabama School Choice Week. During this week long initiative, schools, organizations, and individuals planned thousands of events across the state and country in order to raise public awareness of the value of school choice. It is extremely important that children throughout the nation are able to receive an education that best fits their needs. National School Choice Week highlights the many different K-12 education options that are available for our children and their families.

I am proud to join state and national leaders, parents, and students in recognizing this significant initiative. National School Choice Week addresses the many options available to families throughout the United States and in the Second District, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online schooling programs, and home schooling programs. All of America’s children deserve an education that benefits, challenges, and motivates them regardless of their background. Because each individual was created to be unique and different, it is crucial that learning environments reflect and meet those individual needs.

One component of education that I believe is vital to the future of our country is the engagement of youth in our nation’s government process. Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and it is essential that they learn about, understand, and participate in the government process as they mature. This year is an especially significant year for youth engagement, as we are in the midst of much action – an upcoming presidential election and here at home as the annual 2020 Alabama State Legislative session kicks off. I highly encourage parents of the Second Congressional District youth to urge your children to turn their focus on current events happening in our state, country, and even around the world. Our children are the future of this country, and it is imperative that we do our best to equip them with all we can to ensure they succeed.

Representative Martha Roby represents Alabama’s Second Congressional District. She lives in Montgomery, Alabama, with her husband Riley and their two children.

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