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Rep. Barry Moore defends veterans, declares war on VA GI bill fraud

U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise), ranking member of the subcommittee on Economic Opportunity of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, on Monday introduced a bill to streamline the process for schools providing easier access for veterans pursuing higher education.

His bill, titled “Quality Education for Veterans Act of 2022,” intends to provide clearer oversight to schools using the G.I. bill. It comes in response to several cases where formally approved G.I. schools have been charged with and found guilty of fraud. Some cases are in the range of millions of dollars in fraud.

Moore says the bill will make it easier to catch violations while reducing large amounts of paperwork and man-hours currently required in the application process. Reducing both costs associated with fraud and man-hours would save the taxpayers money. According to Moore, reducing the application process will make it easier for the men and women who have served the country to receive their benefits in a timely manner.

Moore stated in a release about his bill, “Members of our military and their families have sacrificed so much in the service to our country and defending our freedom, and as a grateful nation, we have the responsibility to ensure that their educational needs are taken care of.”

The bill received support from William Hubbard, the vice president for Veterans & Military Policy, Veterans Education Success.

“As they (veterans) transition from military service, veterans should be able to count on spending their hard-earned benefits at reputable schools with good outcomes,” said Hubbard. “Crucially, this legislation will also help to protect taxpayers from future abuse of valuable GI Bill dollars.”

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