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Redstone Arsenal installs vehicle charging stations

Redstone Arsenal is going electric.

Recently, Redstone Arsenal has begun placing solar-powered, electric vehicle charging stations around the Army post in Huntsville. The stations are part of the Army’s push to have an all-electric, nontactical fleet of vehicles by 2027. The stations will be utilized only by government vehicles.

According to the Army’s website, Garrison Commander Col. Brian Cozine discussed the stations and the transition from using conventional vehicles to electric vehicles on base.

“Here on Redstone, we have a mix of gas-powered vehicles but we’re transforming into a typical electric fleet,” he said. “As we see this fleet being brought onto the installation, we can move these charging stations around to where we see a surge, a heavy density of these vehicles.”

There are four charging stations on the post. Eventually, there will be 367 charging station across military bases throughout the nation.

“The solar charging stations are self-sustaining, which means there will be savings that come from not using fuel but also from not having to purchase power from our utility provider,” Redstone Arsenal Energy Manager Don Henderson. “It also means that they are portable and can be moved from one command to another as the mission or demand changes.”

The decision to install the stations and transition to an all-electric, nonmilitary fleet of vehicles is part of a push to make the Army as green as possible. the Army said. The goal of these stations is to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2032

Austen Shipley is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News.

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