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Poll reveals NASCAR fans overwhelmingly want to ‘Make America Great Again’

Republican presidential contender Donald J. Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore)
Republican presidential contender Donald J. Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — When the checkered flag waves at the end of next year’s Presidential race, NASCAR fans are hoping it’s Donald Trump who crosses the finish line first.

A poll of 1,572 NASCAR fans shared with Yellowhammer News found the billionaire businessman garnering the support of 44 percent of survey respondents, more than 30 percentage points higher than the second place finisher, Hillary Clinton, at 10.4 percent. Rounding out the top five were Ben Carson at 7.0 percent, Bernie Sanders at 4.1 percent and Jeb Bush at 3.4%.

The poll was commissioned by Racing.USA.com, an Alabama-based officially licensed NASCAR merchandiser. It was conducted August 29-31 and has a 2.5 percent margin of error.

According to the poll, Republican NASCAR fans favor Trump (50.8 percent), Carson (9.7) and Bush (5.5), with Rubio and Cruz tied for fourth at 4 percent each.

Independents favor Trump (49.0), Carson (6.8), Hillary Clinton (5.8); and Bernie Sanders (3.9).

Democrats favor Clinton (41.2), Trump (19.8), Sanders (13.9) and Biden (7.1).

12 percent of the respondents were undecided.

“It’s obvious that Mr. Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ theme is resonating with NASCAR fans, who collectively are some of the most patriotic voters in the United States,” explained David Carrington, president of RacingUSA.com and an elected county commissioner in Jefferson County, Alabama. “Not only did Trump do well with Republicans, he also showed strength with Independents and Democrats.”

In addition to garnering fan support, at least one NASCAR driver has endorsed Trump as well. Korbin Forrister, who competes in NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series, painted “Trump For President” across the hood of his truck for a race earlier this year.

“I support Donald Trump, and I wanted to show it in this race,” Forrister told ESPN. “We didn’t have a paint scheme, and I figured it would be a cool race to do it. It is 100 percent me. I wanted to do it.”

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