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Poll: Alabama voters vehemently reject Biden’s vaccine mandates

Recent polling regarding vaccine mandates displayed Alabama voters’ overwhelming opposition to President Joe Biden’s approach of the issue.

Commissioned by the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP), the poll included 1,357 respondents and consisted of both Republican and Democratic voters. The survey was conducted October 16 through October 18 and held a margin of error of 3.1%.

Regarding the question as to whether the federal government should regulate personal health decisions, Alabamians rejected the notion by a tally of 70.9% to 12.3%.

Concerning the federal government requiring employees to be fired if they refuse to become vaccinated against COVID-19, 63.2% of poll participants indicated there were against this, while 22.1% were in favor.

When asked directly if voters support Biden’s vaccine mandates, Alabamians overwhelmingly dissented with the president’s decree. The results showed 64.6% as being opposed while 35.4% were in favor. The poll’s respondents were largely split over the question along party lines.

Overall, ALGOP’s poll showed Democrats were far more supportive of the federal government’s intervention surrounding vaccine mandates and health care decisions than Republicans. Results of the poll concluded that a majority of voters in the Yellowhammer State fervently disapprove of vaccine mandates in general.

ALGOP chairman John Wahl responded to the polling, saying voters’ sentiments reflect the belief that the federal government’s involvement in mandating vaccination is antithetical to the ideals of individual liberty.

“It is clear that the people of Alabama are strongly opposed to the federal government regulating personal health decisions, as well as mandates forcing companies to fire employees based on vaccination status,” said Wahl. “They understand that no individual, group, or even government should have the power to force someone to take a shot against their will. This idea goes against everything America was founded on.”

He added, “Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have lost touch with the people of Alabama and the fundamental American values we hold dear. Government is supposed to represent “we the people” and defend our liberties, not take away our health freedom. Individuals and families should have the right to make their own medical decisions without fear of losing their jobs. If we surrender our medical freedom and right to privacy now, we will lose those rights in the future, and government control will grow into every area of our lives.”

Wahl further pledged his party’s support of health care freedom and vowed it would continue to combat the president’s vaccine mandates.

“The Alabama Republican Party is committed to standing up for the people of Alabama, and defending their rights and freedoms in every area. That includes the right to make their own medical choices,” Wahl concluded.

Dylan Smith is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can follow him on Twitter @DylanSmithAL