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Police Chase Ends Badly For Perp Thanks to Alabama K-9

Beni and his handler, courtesy City of Heflin PD

Wednesday evening, the Heflin City Police Department reported that a female in her late 20’s was last seen entering a wooded area after she fled from a routine traffic stop. This might have been the end of the story if it weren’t for a police dog determined to do his job.

Shortly after posting the story to their Facebook page, Heflin police reported that their K9 officer, Beni, tracked the suspect for over thirty minutes. Not surprisingly, Beni found the fleeing perp, along with two pounds of drugs.

After further investigation, we’ve learned that Beni’s astounding tracking skills are a product of the Alabama company who helped him become the productive officer he is today, iK9.

Based in Anniston, iK9 uses cutting edge techniques to produce highly skilled dogs ready to serve in a host of roles, from comforting veterans suffering from PTSD to hawking bad guys. iK9 is a Center for Veteran Enterprises (CVE) Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).Part of the company’s canine solutions also includes professional handler education.

Because of their proven record of excellence, iK9 provides dogs to the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, a wide array of law enforcement agencies, and private security firms.

Through philanthropic work, iK9 also partners with the 1st Foundation.

The mission of the 1st Foundation is “to provide assistance to the members and family members of Special Operations Forces and Police Special Operations.” The 1st Foundation does this through “grants for continuing education, specialized equipment, and training for those that do not have the necessary funding to get the job done. The First Foundation is committed to the future of our Law Enforcement Agencies as well as those families in need of assistance and support.”

This partnership is successful because helping veterans recover following combat deployments is one of iK9’s biggest passions. Since many vets suffer from PTSD, iK9’s support dogs are a great way to provide comfort and inspire the veterans as they adjust to life after war.

Keep up the great work iK9. We see you, and judging from the event’s in Heflin, the criminals do too!

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